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Dr Chris Young

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Human and Life Sciences

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 922333

Profile summary

Dr Chris Young, BSc (London), PhD (London) – Geography Programme Director 

I have an interest in a wide range of physical geography although my main interests are focused in coastal geomorphology, glacial geomorphology and climate change (changes that have taken place during the Ice Ages of the last 2.6 million years and the current concerns over present climate change).

After completing my PhD at London University, I spent a year teaching at Edge Hill College of Higher Education (Lancaster University) as it then was, before moving to Canterbury to teach Physical Geography at Christ Church University and Kent University.  After running an Environmental Science degree programme at Christ Church for ten years, in 2002 I took over as the Programme Director for the Geography degree. 


Professional Bodies:

• Fellow of the  Higher Education Academy

• Member of the Quaternary Research Association

• Member of the British Society for Geomorphology

• Member of the Geologists' Association



Young, R.C. (1998) 'Giving Oral Presentations'  Journal of Geography in Higher Education 22(2), pp263-268.

Young, R.C. (2003) ‘Making a Presentation’, in Rogers, A. & Viles, H. (eds) The Student’s Companion to Geography, (Second Edition), pp 185-189.

Young, R.C. (2004) 'The  Physical Setting'  in Lawson, T. & Killingray, D. (eds) An Historical Atlas of Kent Chapter 1, pp1-6. Phillimore

Young, R.C. (2014) 'The geology and landscape of the Isle of Sheppey', in 'The Natural History of Sheppey', Kent Field Club Transcations 18, pp47-66.

Teaching and subject expertise

My teaching is strongly focused in Physical Geography and climate change, although I am also involved in a number of other modules. 

Level 4 (Year 1):  The Physical Environment - is an introductiory module that develops an understanding of a selection of environmental processes, ranging from geomorphological and biogeographical processes to those controlling ocean circulation and the atmosphere.

Level 5 (Year 2):  Understanding Past Climate Change examines the methods used by scientists to reconstruct the environments and climates of the past 2.6 million years and examines the theories proposed to explain the changes identified.

Level 5 (Year 2):  Coastal and Glacial Geomorphology examines the coastal processes, and glacial processes and shows the relationship between process and landforms at a range of scales.

Level 6 (Year 3): Applied Physical Geography: Climate and Society examines how society uses the climatic environment and investigates how climatic change during the last few hundred years has affected society.


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