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Dr Kara Turner


School: School of Human and Life Sciences

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 921917

Profile summary

I joined Canterbury Christ Church University in December 2016 as Lecturer in Human Biology.

I completed my Ph.D. entitled 'Telomere Length and Distribution in Three Developmental Stages' in December 2014 and subsequently worked as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the same group at the University of Kent. Continuing my research interests in Developmental Biology and Genetics, this work focused on in vitro production and preimplantation genomic selection of cattle embryos.   

Research and knowledge exchange

My research interests are focused on investigating the genetic and epigenetic changes that can lead to reduced fertility in adults, impaired developmental potential in preimplantation embryos and adverse health outcomes in infants. 

Teaching and subject expertise

Currently I am teaching on the following modules:

Animal Care and Behaviour (Level 5)

Molecular Biology (Level 5)

Practical Field Skills 2 (Level 0)

In addition, I am the lead for the new Human Biology programme 

External activities

Lunchtime Seminar, CCCU 2016. Preimplantation genomic selection: The ART of cattle breeding - Oral Presentation

CISoR mini-symposium: Agricultural animal reproduction 2016. Karyomapping and cloning: the future of cattle IVP - Oral Presentation

East Kent Hospitals R&D Symposium, May 2015. Is preterm birth associated with accelerated telomere shortening? - Oral Presentation

Neonatal Society Spring Meeting, March 2015. Is preterm birth associated with accelerated telomere shortening? - Oral Presentation

International Chromosome Conference, September 2014. Telomere distribution and nuclear organization in fertile and infertile males - Poster Presentation

International Chromosome Conference, September 2014. Premature telomere shortening and its association with preterm birth - Poster Presentation

International Chromosome Conference, September 2013. Altered chromatin packaging in male factor infertility - Oral Presentation

Neonatal Society Summer Meeting, June 2012. Assay optimisation for telomere length analysis in newborn infants - Oral Presentation

Publications and research outputs

Turner KJ, Fowler KE, Fonseka G, Griffin DK, Ioannou D. (2016). Multicolour detection of every chromosome as a means of detecting mosaicism and nuclear organisation in human embryonic nuclei. Panminerva Medica.Jun 58(2): 175-190

Coates A, Hesla JS, Hurliman A, Coate B, Holmes E, Matthews R, Mounts EL, Turner KJ, Thornhill AR, Griffin DK. (2015). Use of suboptimal sperm increases the risk of aneuploidy of the sex chromosomes in preimplantation blastocyst embryos. Fertility and Sterility.Oct 104(4): 866-872

Turner KJ, Griffin DK, Vasu V. (2014). Telomere length analysis and preterm infant health: the importance of assay design in the search for novel biomarkers. Biomarkers in Medicine.Apr 8(4): 485-498

Hall RA, Turner KJ, Chaloupka J, Cottier F, De Sordi L, Sanglard D, Levin LR, Buck J, Muhlschlegel FA. (2011). The quorum-sensing molecules farnesol/homoserine lactone and dodecanol operate via distinct modes of action in Candida albicans. Eukaryotic Cell.Aug 10(8): 1034-1042

Morris WB, Stephenson JE, Robertson LB, Turner K, Brown H, Ioannou D, Tempest HG, Skinner BM, Griffin DK. (2007). Practicable approaches to facilitate rapid and accurate molecular cytogenetic mapping in birds and mammals. Cytogenetic Genome Research.Jul 117(1-4): 36-42


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