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Dr Phil Buckley

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Human and Life Sciences

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 921879

Profile summary

 I am responsible for teaching ecology and animal behaviour within the Section of Life Sciences.  I believe in involving undergraduate students in research, and actively seek ways to involve undergraduates in the research lab and in the field.  


As the Erasmus co-ordinator for the department it is my job to persuade students to travel abroad and spend some of their degree studying with some of our brilliant partner universities in countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Sweden and Belgium.    I travelled on Erasmus and it was life changing (in a good way!).  


I have a diverse range of research and personal interests such as the ecology of invasive species, intertidal ecology and the ecology of rare species.  My taxonomy specific interests include crustacea (which formed the basis for my Phd), rare mammals such as the hazel dormouse, and rare molluscs, such as the shining ramshorn snail.

Research and knowledge exchange

Current research

  • Invasive species ecology
  • Freshwater ecology
  • Rare species ecology, including captive breeding of the shining Ramshorn Snail Segmentina nitida


PhD supervision

1st Supervisor

Graham Earl - Ecohydrology and management of  fixed sand dune systems in East Kent

Tim Smith - Ecology and distribution of Crassula helmsii in th UK

2nd Supervisor

Jamie Morris - Biodiversity mapping of past megafauna in equatorial Africa


Undergraduate Internships 2012

Harriet Gausden and Dion Garrett - Ecology and captive breeding of the Shining ramshorn snail Segmentina nitida

This project was carried out with funding secured by Kent Wildlife trust from the BBC wildlife fund


Leah Lewington Pearce and Jane Adeyemi - Commercial Algae investigation

This project was funded by Algacytes, a local biotech company.

Teaching and subject expertise

Module director

Level 4: The Organism and its Environment

Level 5: Animal Care and Behaviour

Level 5: Earth as a Planetary System

Level 6: Ecology and Conservation

Level 6: Practical Ecology

External activities

2016 TEDx talk 'Invasive species release and control' at:

Publications and research outputs

Buckley, P. (2012) Can the effectiveness of different forms of feedback be measured? Retention and preference for written and verbal feedback in level 4 bioscience students. Journal of Biological Education. 46(4): 242-246.


Buckley, P. and Dussart, G.B.J. (2008) Filter feeding crustaceans in the Stour Estuary, Kent’ in: Child, T. and Titley, I. (2008) Current marine and coastal issues for North East Kent: proceedings of the third north east Kent coast scientific conference 9th November 2006.  Natural England Research Report NERR029. 


Buckley, P., Dussart, G.B.J. & Trigwell (2004) Invasion and expansion of Corophiidae (Amphipoda) in the Stour Estuary (Kent, UK).  Crustaceana. 77 (4):425-433.


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