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Dr Ian Wellard


School: School of Human and Life Sciences

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 922397

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Dr Ian Wellard, PhD, MA, PGCE, BA (Hons), graduated in Sociology from Goldsmiths in 1988 and followed this with a PGCE at Sussex (1991) and an MA in Sociology at Goldsmiths (1993). He then took part in a funded research project, at Roehampton Institute, which explored the images of sport and fitness aimed at young people. He was then awarded a scholarship to conduct a PhD in Sociology at the Open University (funded by the Pavis Centre). Dr Wellard joined Canterbury Christ Church University in 2003 where he helped establish the Centre for Physical Education Research and the Centre for Sport, Physical Education and Activity Research (SPEAR). In 2015, Dr Wellard set up the Sport and Body Cultures Research Group (SBC) which is a forum for researchers with a shared interest in the socio-cultural aspects of movement and body cultures, particularly within the context of sport, physical activity and dance ( ).

Dr Wellard's main research interests relate to body cultures and sport. Much of this research has been generated through ethnographic studies, which draw upon qualitative and reflexive approaches to the ways in which embodied identities are constructed and negotiated. Recent books include Sport, Fun and Enjoyment: an embodied approach and Researching Embodied Sport (both with Routledge). His latest book, Whose Body is it Anyway? will be published in the summer of 2018 by Routledge. He also continues to publish articles related to his research in international journals.

Research and knowledge exchange

  • £72,000 from the Youth Sport Trust and Sport England to assess the impact of a new physical literacy programme in primary schools (2014)

  • £10,000 from Sports Leaders UK to evaluate their Energy Club programme. (2014)

  • £250 000 from the Youth Sport Trust and DoH to evaluate the Change for Life School Sport Clubs programme in primary and secondary schools 2010 -2014.

  • £100 000 from the Youth Sport Trust to evaluate the impact of the Bank of Scotland and Lloyds TSB National School Sport Week 2009-2013.

  • £15 000 from Podium (the Further and Higher Education Unit for the London 2012 Games) to explore the engagement of HE and FE with the Olympic and Paralympics (2010-2012).

  • £83 000 from Charlton Athletic to conduct an evaluation of Charlton Athletic community schemes in Kent (2006-2007).

  • £43 000 from Sport England, The Arts Council &The Big Lottery – 'Space for Sport and Arts' to conduct a national evaluation of sport and arts facilities in primary schools (2006).

  • £20 000 from Play England and The National Children's Bureau to conduct an assessment of the impact of national policy on play (2006-2008).

  • £6000 from the World Health Organisation to conduct a review of 'Girls Participation in Sport and Physical Activity' (2004).

  • £10 000 from Canterbury City Council to conduct research and consult young people as part of their initiative to develop a play strategy (2004).

  • £11 000 from Essex County Council to assist with their 'Tackling Obesity Scrutiny Study' (2006).

Teaching and subject expertise

  • PhD programme Director for Sport and Exercise Science
  • Editorial Board for Sociology of Sport Journal
  • External examiner for undergraduate programmes in the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Loughborough University (2007-2011)
  • External examiner of PhD theses for the Universities of Birmingham, Bedford, Bournemouth, Leeds Metropolitan and Kent.
  • Ongoing reviewer for a range of journals, including; Sport Education and Society, Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, European Review of Physical Education, Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, Sociology of Sport Journal and Gender and Education.
  • Member of the BSA, ISSA and LSA
  • Advisory board for Play England (2007-2010).
  • Chair of the 2009 Leisure Studies Association Annual Conference
  • Member of the Stonewall Education for All Coalition.
  • Executive Board of Culture for Canterbury (2007-2011)
  • Member of the Active Canterbury sport forum.
  • Contributes to: Sociology of Sport, Year 2: Sociology  of Sport, Year 3: Individual Studies: Graduate Research Development Programme.

External activities

  • Wellard, I. and Perry, J. Putting theory into practice: developing increased physical literacy in children through CrossFit and strength and conditioning activities. In: CIAPSE 2017, 26th-28th January, 2017, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
  • .Wellard, I. (2016) Technologies of fitness: CrossFit, body politics and embodied wellbeing. In: 4EASST Conference BCN - Science and Technology by Other Means, August 31st - Sept 3rd 2016, Barcelona.
  • Wellard, I. (2015) ‘I felt like someone had a knife and they were dragging it up and down my legs’: Exploring embodied experiences in adult recreational sport. The Sociological Lens and the Wellbeing of Sport, ISSA 2015 World Congress of Sociology of Sport 9-12, June, Paris.
  • Wellard, I. (2014) Men, ageing bodies and sport: and embodied approach Men, Health and Wellbeing: Critical insights. Leeds Metropolitan University.
  • Wellard, I. (2013) Gender and the ageing body in physical cultures: an embodied approach. Gender in Physical Culture: the 2013 meeting transnational working group for the study of gender and sport. Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Wellard, I. (2012) Sporting initiatives aimed at achieving 'greater' wellbeing and participation in young people: exploring intersections and conflicts.LSA 2012, Leisure, Living Learning, 17th-19th July 2012, Edinburgh.
  • Wellard, I. (2011) Sport, Children’s Bodies and Wellbeing: Exploring experiences and reflecting upon pleasure. An International Symposium Speaks the Unspoken: Masculinities, bodies and body images in health education, Ottawa, Canada.
  • Wellard, I. (2011) Wellbeing, Health and Sport Initiatives aimed at Young People: Visions, experiences and reflections. People in motion – bridging the local and global, 8th European Association for Sociology of Sport (EASS). Umea, Sweden.
  • Wellard, I.  (2010) Sport, Gender and Embodied reflexive pleasures, ISA World Congress of Sociology, Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Wellard, I. (2009) Sport, Masculinities and the Body: an exploration. Why Gender, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland.
  • Wellard, I. (2009) Body Reflexive Pleasures: exploring bodily experiences within the context of sport and physical activity. British Educational Research Association Annual Conference, University of Manchester
  • Wellard, I. (2008) Communities of physical education practice: Placing gendered limits upon lifelong sporting participation. Leisure is the key, 8th Biennial Australia and New Zealand Association for Leisure Studies Conference, Victoria University, Australia. 

Publications and research outputs


  • Wellard, I. (2018) Whose Body is it Anyway? A sociological reflection upon fitness and wellbeing, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK: Routledge.
  • Wellard, I. (2016) Researching Embodied Sport London: Routledge
  • Wellard, I. (2013) Sport, Fun and Enjoyment: an embodied approach, London: Routledge.
  • Wellard, I. & Weed, M. (2010) Wellbeing, Health and Leisure. Eastbourne: LSA Publications.
  • Wellard, I. (2009) Sport Masculinities and the Body. New York: Routledge.
  • Wellard, I. (2007) Rethinking Gender and Youth Sport. London: Routledge.

Selected journal articles

  • Wellard, I. and Secker, M. (2017) ‘Visions’ for children’s health and wellbeing: exploring the complex and arbitrary processes of putting theory into practice. Sport, Education and Society.
  • Wellard, I. (2016) Gendered Performances in Sport: an embodied approach. Palgrave Communications.
  • Gubby, L. and Wellard, I. (2015) Sporting equality and gender neutrality in korfball. Sport in Society. ISSN 1743-0437.
  • Wellard, I. (2014) Starting points and destinations: negotiating factual and fictional pathways. Sport, Education and Society, 19 (1). pp. 99-104.
  • Wellard, I. (2012) Body Reflexive Pleasures: exploring bodily experiences within the context of sport and physical activity, Sport, Education and Society. 17 (1).
  • Wellard, I. (2011) Girls and Physical Activities: an update, Education and Health, Vol 29 (3).
  • Wellard, I. Pickard, A. & Bailey, R. (2007) 'A shock of electricity just sort of goes through my body': Physical activity and embodied reflexive practices in young female ballet dancers, Gender and Education Vol 19 (1). 79-91.
  • Wellard, I. (2006) Re-thinking abilities. Sport, Education and Society Vol. 11(3).
  • Wellard, I. (2006) Able Bodies and Sport Participation: Social constructions of physical ability Sport, Education and Society Vol 11(2).


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