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Dr Joseph Burman

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Human and Life Sciences

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 921334

Profile summary

I currently hold the position of Senior Lecturer in Biology/Animal Science in the Life Sciences Section at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU).  I carried out my undergraduate and postgraduate studies at CCCU before obtaining a postdoctoral research position at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU), where I conducted research into applied insect chemical ecology.

My current position sees me teaching a variety of disciplines across all levels of our undergraduate suite.

Research and knowledge exchange

My primary interest is insect ecology, and how insect science can be used to solve problems in agriculture and biodiversity conservation. 

My PhD examined the interactions between male-killing endosymbiotic bacteria and biological control agents, which included research into aspects of insect chemical ecology, molecular biology, genetics and pure ecology.

Recently I have been working towards the world’s first implementation of insect pheromones to monitor rare and endangered insects.  I am currently supervising two PhD students including Ashen Oleander who is working towards identification and implementation of novel pheromones in the UK as well as risk assessing their use;

For my ResearchGate and GoogleScholar profiles, please see;

Teaching and subject expertise

I currently teach across all degree levels with particular responsibility for the following modules;

Foundation Biology and Practical modules (Level 3).

Pests Parasites and Pathogens (Level 6).

External activities


Burman, J., Skeates, A., Cope, S., Lanteri, J. L., Fernandez-Grandon, M., & Hall, D. (2014). Preliminary results of pheromone identification in Zygaena loti, and the potential for pheromones in burnet moth conservation.

Other responsibilities

As Research Coordinator at Thanet Earth, I currently oversee a TSB funded project on tomato quality with University of Northumbria.

I have also peer reviewed research papers for the Journal of Insect Conservation, Nota Lepidopterologica and the Entomologist's Gazette.

Publications and research outputs

Journal publications

Oleander, A., Thackery, D., & Burman, J. (2015). The effect of exposure to synthetic pheromone lures on male Zygaena filipendulae mating behaviour: implications for monitoring species of conservation interest. Journal of Insect Conservation, 1-8.

Burman, J., Talbert, R., & Carlton, K. (2014). An electronic weather vane for field science. Physics Education, 49(1), 83.

Andersson, K., Bergman, K. O., Andersson, F., Hedenström, E., Jansson, N., Burman, J., ... & Milberg, P. (2014). High-accuracy sampling of saproxylic diversity indicators at regional scales with pheromones: the case of Elater ferrugineus (Coleoptera, Elateridae). Biological Conservation, 171, 156-166.

Musa, N., Andersson, K., Burman, J., Andersson, F., Hedenström, E., Jansson, N., ... & Milberg, P. (2013). Using sex pheromone and a multi-scale approach to predict the distribution of a rare saproxylic beetle. PloS one, 8(6), e66149.

Burman, J., Bertolo, E., Capelo, J. L., & Ponsonby, D. (2010). Preliminary results on the analysis of volatile and non-volatile pheromones in Chilocorus nigritus by GC/MS. Electronic Journal of Environmental, Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 9(7), 1274-1282.

PhD Thesis

Joseph Burman (2012) Investigating the influence of endosymbionts and population genetics on the predacious ladybird Chilocorus nigritus – Implications for biocontrol.

Popular Science

Burman, J. (2014) Monitoring moths using sex pheromones. Moths Count Newsletter 2014. p. 6.


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