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Dr Julia Maxted

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Human and Life Sciences

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 922263

Profile summary

Dr Julia Maxted is an Urban and Social Geographer and Senior Lecturer in Human Geography. She holds a First Class undergraduate degree in Geography from St Catherine's College, University of Oxford and her D. Phil., on race, class and urban transformation in Los Angeles is from Nuffield College, University of Oxford. 

Prior to working at CCCU Julia was an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography, University of Pretoria, South Africa.  Previous positions include College Lecturer in Human Geography at St Catherine's College, Oxford, Research Fellow at the Centre for Ethnic Relations, University of Warwick and Research Specialist (Economic and Social Analysis) at the Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa. She has been a Visiting Fellow at St Catherines College, Oxford, Distinguished Visitor and Visiting Professor at Haverford College, and Adjunct Professor at University of California, Santa Barbara.

Research and knowledge exchange

Dr Maxted works on migration, race, ethnicity and human security. She was part of a team working on Children in Armed Conflict, funded by the United Nations and the Governments of Canada and Sweden, and has undertaken work funded by the United Nations Environment Programme, the World Bank, and Minority Rights International. Current work includes a critical examination of variations in levels of diversity and segregation for people of different ethnicities within English urban neighbourhoods and their relationship to political participation and engagement. 

Teaching and subject expertise

Module Tutor

Regions of Risk: Human and Environmental Security

This module introduces students to the spatial and social dimensions of vulnerability to hazards by examining the connections between the risks people face & the reasons for their vulnerability. Regions of Risk: Human and Environmental Security critically examines why environmental hazards act as trigger events or the main links in a chain of causes in disasters yet there are social, economic and political factors that influence how hazards affect people in differing ways and affect level of vulnerability to environmental disasters.

Cities: Society, Economy and Space

This module examines the historical & contemporary processes producing the differentiation of urban space at a range of geographical scales from the global to the neighbourhood. The module provides a comprehensive introduction to urban geography with a comparative international perspective. It aims to examine the changing & developing geographies of cities, the interdependent processes that bring about urbanisation & the spatial processes that affect contemporary society. 

Module Convenor

Independent Geographical Study

The Independent Geographical Study (IGS) is completed at Level 6 of the degree programme. It  draws upon the wide range of intellectual and key skills developed throughout the programme & applies those skills towards the completion of an individual & substantial piece of research work related to an area of interest within Geography. 

Contemporary Human Geographies 

Contemporary Human Geography focuses on a number of distinct human geography themes, including how human geography has developed, what constitutes human geography concerns as well as the sub-disciplines of economic, urban, population & development geography. It aims to provide an understanding of why ‘where-ness’ (space, place,distance & scale) matters, & to demonstrate how human geographical concepts & skills can be used in providing insight and potential solutions to contemporary local & global issues. 

Module Team

Living with Uncertainty in the Environment (Tenerife)

Geography and Geographers, Fieldwork Investigation in Geography 

External activities

Institute of British Geographers (Institutional member)

National Association for Ethnic Studies

American Association of Geographers

Race, Ethnicity and Place & Africa Speciality Groups of the AAG

International Advisory Board Member, Journal of Developing Societies

Other external activity

Editor of the Edward Thomas Fellowship Newsletter

Committee Member of the Edward Thomas Fellowship

Publications and research outputs

Selected publications

'Spatial patterns of ethnic diversity and neighbourhood change' (in.prep) Maxted, J. and J. Wilson 

‘Africa’ in The State of the World’s Minorities London: Minority Rights Group International (2006)

‘Child Soldiers and the International Criminal Court” in From Sovereign Impunity to International Accountability: The Search for Justice in a World of States (ed.) Thakur, R. and P. Malcontent (2004)

‘Rural Households and Environmental Resources in South Africa’ in Globalization and Post-Apartheid South Africa. (ed.) Zegeye, A, Harris, R. and P. Lauderdale (2005)

‘Human Stability and Conflict in the Horn of Africa’ in Goucha and Cilliers (2001) Peace, Human Security and Conflict Prevention in Africa 

‘The Impact of War on Women and Minorities in Somalia’ in Terror and Crisis in the Horn of Africa (ed) Toggia,P., Zegeye, A. and P. Lauderdale

'State Disintegration and Human Rights in Africa: Liberia and Somalia’, in Lauderdale, P. and R. Amster (1997) Lives in the Balance: Perspectives on Global Injustice and Inequality 

‘North, West and the Horn of Africa’ in the World Directory of Minorities (1997) Minority Rights Group International 

‘Race, Class and Polarisation in Los Angeles’ in Harris, Zegeye,and Maxted (1991) Exploitation and Exclusion: Patterns of Race and Class in in Twentieth Century U. S. Society 

‘Immigration and Ethnicity’ (with Peach, C and J. Chance) in Halsey, A.H. (1988) British Social Trends Since 1900 

Exploitation and Exclusion: Patterns of Race and Class in in Twentieth Century U. S. Society (1991) (Edited with L. Harris and A.Zegeye).

Amulets and Dreams: Youth, War and Change in Africa (2002) (text: photos by Omar Badsha and Guy Tillum.

Our Dream Deferred: The Poor in South Africa (2003) (with A. Zegeye).


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