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Mr Arthur Hills

University Instructor

School: School of Human and Life Sciences

Campus: Canterbury


Profile summary

I have been employed as an Instructor for the Section of Life Sciences since October 2016 based at the North Holmes campus. I am involved in teaching across all levels as well as working part-time towards my PhD. Previously I completed a combined MPhys in Theoretical Physics at Lancaster University.

Research and knowledge exchange

My PhD focus is the modelling of C. elegans dauer formation. I aim to establish a robust model of the dauer development decision to examine the pressures on production and response to ascaroside signalling and translating these findings into laboratory and natural ecology conditions. Such a model would be capable of analysing inter-strain and inter-species competition and the use of ascarosides as both honest and dishonest signals regarding the developmental decision. It is expected that the model will be extendable to species beyond C. elegans in analysing developmental timings and decisions under a diverse set of conditions.

Teaching and subject expertise

Level 0 – All Foundation Level Modules, specialising in Maths and Physics.

Level 4 – Core Science, specialising in Physics.

Level 5 – Plant Control Systems.

Level 6 – Radiobiology.


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