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The Sport and Body Cultures research group (SBC) is a forum for researchers with a shared interest in the socio-cultural aspects of movement and body cultures, particularly within the context of sport, physical activity and dance. Members of the group recognise the significance of applying embodied approaches to the study of movement cultures and embrace an inter-disciplinary perspective.

Although the majority of the group members sit within a broadly socio-cultural framework, the appeal of an embodied approach to the study of movement cultures is in its accommodation of a wider multi-disciplinary lens. Embodiment is considered a central theoretical approach which, as well as seeking to move beyond mind/body dualisms, incorporates the physiological with the social and psychological.  This ‘enfleshed’ way of thinking informs the way that we explore and make sense of movement and body cultures. As such, the body occupies the central focus for our research because:

  1. It informs and is informed by experience.
  2. These lived experiences are informed by a multitude of embodied sensitivities.
  3. It is dynamic and constantly changing at both the individual and social level.

The aim of this research group is to provide a forum for discussion on all aspects related to embodied movement cultures within sport, physical activity and dance and to provide opportunities for these ideas to be shared with a wider audience through a range of academic and social media outlets.

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