Tourism and Events Research Hub

The Tourism and Events Research Hub aims to provide a clearly defined research and knowledge exchange offer to the visitor economy in Kent and beyond. We welcome enquiries from across the sector, both formal and informal.

About us

We bring together a team of experienced researchers to collaborate on research and consultancy projects, provide bespoke training to the sector and access to a wide range of resources. 

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Consultancy and Research

The Hub research team have been involved in a wide range of research projects in the fields of tourism, heritage, culture, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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The Culture Kent Research Programme has produced a wide range of outputs from detailed research reports on cultural tourism and cross-sectoral working, to industry insights pdfs designed to disseminate best practice related to building cultural destinations and cross-sectoral working between culture/the arts and the visitor economy.

Culture Kent Research Programme reports and resources


Working with our Students

Our students and recent graduates possess a variety of skills that they can offer the sector including excellent research skills and a contemporary understanding of tourism, leisure and events.

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Links with the visitor economy

We have strong links with the visitor economy, and are members of a number of key local, national and international organisations.

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Funding opportunities

There are several funding opportunities from UK government and the European Union to support collaborations between the university sector and business.

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We can offer bespoke training solutions tailored to your organisation’s requirements.

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Dr Karen Thomas
Director, Tourism and Events Research Hub

T: 01227 782691

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