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Chris Hobbs

Chris Hobbs

PhD Student

School: School of Human and Life Sciences

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 782940 ext 3877

Project title

‘Understanding the Shining Ramshorn Snail, Segmentina nitida: Advances in Genetics, Morphology and Breeding ’

Profile summary

I have been an Instructor at Canterbury Christ Church University since October 2014. I studied at CCCU, starting with a Foundation Year in Science and moved on to study at Leuphana Universitat Luneburg during my second year (as part of the Erasmus programme), graduating in 2013. I have worked with Operation Wallacea in Indonesia as a research assistant as well as a science technician at secondary school and university level.

I am currently working on my PhD investigating the population genetics, imaging, and breeding of the Shining Ramshorn Snail, Segmentina nitida.

Research and knowledge exchange

I am a member of the Ecology Research Group and my work aims to develop a successful breeding programme for the endangered freshwater snail Segmentina nitida. This involves cutting-edge sequencing and population genetics analyses to determine genetic variability of the species throughout Europe. This research will also help map and understand dispersal patterns and population histories of this species. Various imaging methods, including CT scanning in collaboration with the Natural History Museum (London), are being used to investigate differences in morphology of different populations of the species,. This work is being carried out in conjunction with Natural England, Kent Wildlife Trust and international collaborators.

Additional areas of interest include:

  • Marine ecology
  • Invasive species ecology

I conducted my undergraduate dissertation on the effect of epibiotic algae on the growth of the Common Blue Mussel ( Mytilus edulis ) on wave-cut chalk platforms.

Teaching and subject expertise

    • Level 0 – Advanced Chemistry, Advanced Biology.
    • Level 4 – Genetics and Evolution.
    • Level 5 – Anatomy and Physiology.
    • Level 6 – Ecology and Conservation, Practical Ecology, Biological Imaging, Pests, Pathogens, and Parasites.

Publications and research output


Hobbs, C. and Harvey, C. (2016) The Shining Ramshorn Snail, Segmentina nitida. The Malacologist, 67, pp. 5-9.

Invited conference presentations:

Hobbs, C. (2017) Shape variation in the Shining Ramshorn Snail, Segmentina nitida, an overview of declining European populations. 83rd American Malacological Society Conference, July 18th, Delaware, USA.

Hobbs, C. (2016) Shape variation of Segmentina nitida across Europe: a snapshot of a long term process. 3rd Ecology Research Group Conference, December 3rd, Canterbury, UK.

Hobbs, C. (2016) The Geometric Morphometrics of Segmentina nitida in Europe. 19th Molluscan Forum, November 24th, London, UK.

Hobbs, C. (2015) The Decline of the Shining Ramshorn Snail, Segmentina nitida. 18th Molluscan Forum, November 19th, London, UK.

Hobbs, C. (2014) The Ecology, Life Cycle, Population Genetics, and Habitat of the Shining Ramshorn Snail, Segmentina nitida (2014) 17th Molluscan Forum, November 20th, London, UK.

Grants Awarded

Collections Grant- Delaware Museum of Natural History- Imaging and shape analysis of Segmentina nitida samples in the collection of DMNH.

NBAF Facilities Grant- NERC Sheffield Node- Microsatellite Screening and Genotyping of Segmentina nitida

Events Organised

Life Sciences Research and Employability Fair- 2015-18. CCCU.

Other external activities

STEM Ambassador for CCCU at Big Bang Fair, Discovery Park, March 20th 2015.

Outreach- Biomimicry project at Chistlehurst and Sidcup Grammar School- Year 7, 10 and 12. March 26th 2015, December 10th 2015. Teaching students the importance of mimicking nature in design, from architecture to breeding programmes.

Local Science Event 2015- Talking for CCCU Science Society about practical applications of GIS. Talk aimed at showing students that the modules they are learning have useful applications outside of undergraduate learning.


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