Undergraduate Study

We offer a range of flexible undergraduate computing degrees that have been designed to reflect the diverse and ever-changing nature of computing technology today.

Business Information Systems

Our Business Information Systems degree will prepare you tackle the many challenges brought about by the emerging trends and innovations of the 21st century digital world. Our modern and exciting programme will help you develop the skills to analyse existing or new systems both on operational and management levels of an organisation. You will also gain hands-on experience in designing and implementing technology solutions which will be of benefit to any business venture.  Find out more about Business Information Systems BSc.


Computing is a fast moving and exciting field of study with great opportunities for employment and further study and research. Our Computing degree programme has been designed to give you a solid foundation of general computing, with each level building on the last to give experience of new technologies and processes in the context of contemporary computing applications. Find out more about Computing BSc.

Computer Forensics and Security

With our Computer Forensics and Security degree, you will learn how to forensically analyse computer systems to retrieve data and identify evidence which may be important in defending or prosecuting cybercrime investigations. You will also develop key skills to assist in system security, and will gain a broad understanding of the practical problems associated with detection and investigation.  Find out more about Computer Forensics and Security BSc.

Computer Science

As the use of the internet, ‘big data’, simulation, and automation continues to grow, so does the need for computing scientists who can provide real solutions to real problems. This course has been designed around the demand for high performance computing in industry. Our Computer Science course will help you develop a comprehensive theoretical, practical and analytical skill set and learn how to combine theory with practical system design to find solutions to some of the biggest problems faced in the field of computing. Find out more about Computer Science BSc.

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