Development and Support

The programme has been specifically designed so that practitioners may integrate the completion of the programme with their working lives, and both the work place and the individual will benefit from the outcomes. Constructing the learning plan around a specified theme allows the candidate to choose how they wish to focus their study by using each of the elements of the portfolio as a vehicle to get a deeper understanding of a different facet of their chosen theme, whilst acquiring specific scholarly and research competencies through completion of the assessment.

Each candidate has a lead supervisor for the duration of their registration. A learning plan of the intended programme of study will be agreed with the candidate's supervisor at the start of the programme. This plan will be reviewed throughout the programme and adjusted as necessary. In addition to the lead supervisor, the supervisory panel will include a second supervisor and a panel chair. 

The support provided throughout the first two years of the programme includes:

  • Two study weeks of 5 days a year which will be made up of meetings of a small group of candidates working together as a Learning Set facilitated by a Director and the research team which will include a series of workshops/lectures on research methodology and input on advanced research skills.  During these periods the cohort will have time for group and individual learning. 
  • Individual meetings once a month with the lead supervisor to plan, review and reflect on their individualised learning plan (this can be done face to face, telephonically or via Skype).  
  • Learning sets may continue where candidates request this; facilitated by the candidates, but supported by the programme. These may be run through the virtual learning environment.

A blended learning approach will be taken meaning that knowledge and skills will be gained through the blending of different teaching and learning modalities, including face to face teaching (workshops, individual tutorials, lectures), peer facilitated group working (face to face and virtual), on-line (e-learning and directed self-study). This will be organised to enable the programme to be followed at a distance, with a commitment to attending at minimum the two study weeks.

The individual learning plan will be collaboratively designed by the candidate and supervisor to advance their academic and research development.  In collaboration with their supervisor, areas in which the candidate wishes to advance their knowledge will be identified and they will be assisted to search for appropriate literature and a reading plan developed.  


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