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Our Clinical Psychology programme has been running for over 40 years, and is the second largest of its kind in the UK. Over the years we have trained hundreds of clinical psychologists, and our team has gained a national reputation for offering a high quality, innovative and broad-based training experience.

Unique features of the programme include:

  • Exceptional staff. The people who will teach you are experts in their fields, and are actively involved in clinical work, consultancy and research, ensuring a direct connection from academic study to the world of practice.
  • Theoretically inclusive training. We are strongly committed to enabling you to learn about and practise a broad range of clinical approaches to mental health and wellbeing.  We believe no one model is sufficient in itself.  Hence our commitment to giving you a broad-based training which equips you well for future employment options.
  • Reflective practice. We are committed to offering reflective practice experiences throughout your training in teaching, reflective groups and supervision.
  • Clinical research. We offer broad-based teaching and supervision on quantitative and qualitative methods, statistics, research design and analysis and support you through to publication of your work.
  • Teaching on diversity. Physical, social, gender, ethnic, age, sexuality and learning differences are all parts of human diversity and have been a longstanding and critical component of our approach to training.
  • Stakeholder involvement. The people who use healthcare settings are key contributors to every aspect of our programme: from selection and induction onto the programme, to involvement in our teaching modules, design and consultation on your clinical research and involvement in marking your formal assessments.

To find out more about our doctorate in Clinical Psychology, read our guide to Application and Selection.

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