New Students

Do you have an enquiring mind? Do you take an interest in the world around you? If so, then we have the perfect course for you.

At the School of Psychology, Politics and Sociology, we bring together a range of disciplines to investigate the social science behind everyday life. From the psychology of child development, to sociology, politics and global governance, we offer undergraduate programmes in a wide range of different areas – all of which can be taken either a single honours, or in combination with another subject. We also offer postgraduate programmes that include professional training in Applied Psychology, as well as research opportunities in fields such as Politics and International Relations.

Making a difference

At the heart of our philosophy, we aim to make a real and lasting difference in everything we do. As such we design all of our courses to bring you the perfect blend of high quality teaching backed up by the latest research in the field.

Not only that, but we also design our programmes with your future employment in mind. This means you will be able to draw links between the things you learn, and the real world, while developing valuable new skills to help you make a success of your chosen career.

So, whether you are interested in social issues, human behaviour or the ever-changing political landscape, contact us, or order a prospectus today to take the first step on your journey into the exciting world of applied social science.


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