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Georges Dussart

Emeritus Professor

School: Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Social Sciences

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 07732 307071

Profile summary

Emeritus Professor of Biological Science

  • BSc  1968     Zoology – Cardiff University
  • MSc  1971    by research – Salford University  thesis  - Biochemical studies on molluscan shell proteins.
  • PhD  1973    Salford University  thesis - The ecology and physiology of molluscs in relation to water chemistry.
  • MA   1988     University of Kent  dissertation – The development of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for motor-impaired children: an explanatory study in Kent schools

Current research interests

Hydrobiology, malacology and the pedagogy of biology.

Since coming to CCCU in 1981, I have taught Ecology, Advanced Freshwater Ecology, Coastal Environment; Environmental Pollution and Pest Parasites & Pathogens. For many years, I taught on the Postgraduate Certificate of Education (Secondary). I have also taught Philosophy of Science and Statistics as part of the generic training for postgraduates, organised by the Graduate School. In 2008, I received a University award for teaching excellence. 

From 1971-1976, I was a lecturer in Biosciences, specialising in hydrobiology at Salford University. From 1976 to 1981, I was a Senior Scientific Officer at the North West Water Authority, undertaking applied research in algology, microbiology and pollution. 

International activity

During my time at CCCU, I was the instigator and Principal Co-ordinator of a Socrates (Erasmus) network of universities in twelve countries of Europe. In this role, I directed student mobility, staff mobility and research on the development of a joint Environmental Science curriculum. I have current research links with the University of Jerusalem, the University of Montpellier (France) and the Wuhan Schistosomiasis Institute. 


Undergraduate External examiner - UKC, University of Wales (Glamorgan 4y), South Bank University (4y), University of Greenwich (at Deventer - Netherlands 4y), Bournemouth University (4y), Lancaster University (Blackpool & Fylde College 4y), now with the University of the West of England. PhD External examiner – universities of South Bank, Newcastle, Montpellier, Limoges, Rennes, Paris IV, Thessaloniki, Copenhagen, Tubingen, Kristianstad (Sweden), Grahamstown (SA), Queen’s University (NI), Aberdeen, Vannes (France)

External activities

Fellow of the Royal Society for Biology, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy; Chartered Biologist. 

Editor of The Malacologist  (This is the bulletin of the Malacological Society. I was previously a President of the Society). Issues of The Malacologist can be seen at     The Malacologist - The Malacological Society of London (

Member of British Schools Exploring Society, Kent Field Club (elected President 1997-1999)

Research and consultancy   

In addition to my academic duties, I founded and led, for over ten years, a team of researchers and technicians monitoring the environmental status of the river Stour in Kent. This work was funded by Pfizer and led to many postgraduate theses, papers and reports. I have also undertaken several consultancies on restitution of sewage works which had been invaded by freshwater snails. 

Illustrative selection of refereed publications


Hodgson, A.N., Dussart, G.B.J. Raheem, D.C. (2021)  From print to on-line, a historical review of the Journal of the Malacological Society of London. The Malacologist, 76, 30-36

Gerard, C. & Dussart, G.B.J. (2003)  Invader and invaded - colonisation by, and of, Potamopyrgus antipodarum Gray (Mollusca, Hydrobiidae), Slugs and Snails – Agricultural, veterinary and environmental perspectives, British Crop Protection Council Symposium, 80, pp. 276-281.  ISBN: 1 901396 80 0.

Trigwell, J., Buckley, P. & Dussart G.B.J. (2002)  Pegwell Bay 1994-2001 Proceedings of the North East Kent Coast al Research Workshop, 22 October 2002, Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory, English Nature Rept. no. 570. Ed. I. Tittley & S. Peckham  55-61  ISSN0967-876X

Dussart G.B.J. (2002) Drag coefficients; a comparison of ten species of freshwater gastropod molluscs. Haliotis, 31, 63-70. 

Vianey-Liaud & Dussart, G. (2002) Aspects of pairing and reproduction in the hermaphrodite freshwater snail Biomphalaria glabrata (Gastropoda: Pulmonata). Journal of Molluscan Studies, 68, 245-250. 

Werres S., Dussart G. &  Eschenbach C. (2001)  Erlensterben durch Phytophthora spp. und die möglichen Folgen  (Alder decline caused by Phytophthora spp. and its possible ecological consequences) Natur und Landschaft.  76 (7) 305-310.  ISSN 0028-0615 

Ward Booth, J.  & Dussart, G.B.J.  (2001) Consistency  in hand-searching for terrestrial snails J. Moll. Stud., 67, 502-506.

Xu & Dussart (2001)   Dammed snails - Schistosomiasis vectors and the three Gorges   Biol. Sci. Rev., 14,(2) 34-37. ISSN 0953 5365

Costil, K.,  Dussart,G.B.J. & Daguzan, J. (2001)  Parameters structuring populations of aquatic gastropods in the region of Mont Saint-Michel (France).  Biodiv. Cons., 10, 1-18.

Dussart, G.B.J. (2000) Teaching with and about molluscs. Bull. Mal. Soc. Lond., 35, 7-9.

Dussart, G.B.J. & Pointier, J-P. (1999) A comparative study of the hydrodynamic performance of shells of Thiara granifera (Lamarck, 1822) and Melanoides tuberculata (Muller, 1774). Malacol. Rev.,  8, 19-29. 

Dussart, G.B.J. (1999) Deep effects of environmental water chemistry on the amino acid composition of conchiolin in shells of freshwater gastropods. Proceedings of the Third International  Workshop on Schistosomiasis Control, Harare   Ed. Kristensen, T. & Madsen H. Danish Bilharziasis Laboratory, Charlottenlund, Denmark. pp 129-140.


Ponsonby D. & Dussart, G. (2004) Anatomy of the Sea Chronicle Books, San Francisco  pp 1-288  ISBN 0-8118-4633-4

Dussart, G.B.J. (Ed.) (2003)  Slugs and Snails – Agricultural, veterinary and environmental perspectives. British Crop Protection Council Symposium 80,  1-324. ISBN: 1 901396 80 

Dussart, G.B.J. (2001) Biosciences  on the internet - a student's guide. Wiley, Chichester.   ISBN 0 471 49842 4   pp. 1-210.


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