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Miss Wendy Iredale

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Psychology and Life Sciences

Campus: Canterbury Main Campus

Tel: 01227 923894

Profile summary

I am social psychology lecturer within the School of Psychology Politics and Sociology. I have a number of research interests in the area of social evolutionary psychology which include, altruism, sexual selection, generosity and environmental behaviours. I joined Canterbury Christ Church University in October 2014, prior to joining I was a lecturer at the University of Kent and Sheffield Hallam University. I completed my PhD ‘Altruism as a Mate Signal - The role Sexual Selection in the Evolution of Human Altruism’ in 2009 from the University of Kent.

Research and knowledge exchange

My research interests include altruistic behaviour and why we help others at the cost to ourselves. I have an emerging research profile in this area, my current projects include:

1)      The eyes have it! Photographs of eyes on computer screens increase giving behaviour – Implications for online charity giving

2)      Helping others in situations of mass panic - Exploring the role of altruism in collective resilience

3)      Good genes or good behaviours - do females select mates based on attraction or altruism?

4)      Does the type of altruistic behaviour matter? Non-reciprocal altruism is seen as a stronger attractive mate trait.

Teaching and subject expertise

I am the module convenor for Individual Differences & Group Processes (year 3) and Personality and Individual Differences (year 2), in addition I teach on Research in Psychology (year 1) and Influences on Social Functioning (year 2).

External activities

I am currently working with Medway council on a School funded project – ‘Being seen to be green: Exploring whether images of eyes on public information posters promotes energy conservation behaviour in local council buildings’

Publications and research outputs

Iredale. W., & Van Vugt, M. (2012). Altruism as show off: A signalling perspective on helping, charity giving, environmental sustainability and other acts of kindness. C.S.Roberts (Ed) Applied Evolutionary Psychology (173-186). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Van vugt, M., & Iredale, W. (2012). Men Behaving Nicely: Public Goods as Peacock Tails. British Journal of Psychology, 104 (1), 3-13. doi:10.1111/j.2044-8295.2011

Iredale, W., & Van Vugt. M (2010). Is Altruism Sexy? The Darwinian Psychology of Helping and Generosity. Psychology Review, 15, 9-11

Iredale, W., & Van Vugt. (2009). The Peacocks tail of altruism: The Darwinian Psychology of Helping and Generosity. The Psychologist, 22, 938-941.

Iredale, W., Van Vugt, M., & Dunbar, R. I. M. (2008). Showing off in Humans: Male Generosity as a Mating Signal. Evolutionary Psychology, 6, 386-392.


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