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Dr James Cane

Director of Psychology

School: School of Psychology and Life Sciences

Campus: Canterbury Main Campus

Tel: 01227 922521

Profile summary

I am the Subject Director for Psychology at CCCU. I have a keen interest both in Cognitive Psychology and Health Psychology research and conduct research in both of these areas.  I was awarded my PhD in Psychology in 2010 from the University of Kent and since then I have held postdoctoral positions at the University of Kent and University College London (UCL) and more recently was a Lecturer in Psychology at London South Bank University. I joined the School of Psychology, Politics and Sociology at Canterbury Christ Church as a Senior Lecturer in January 2017, and became the Undergradute Programme Director for Psychology in January 2019. I am now a Principal Lecturer and was appointed as the Subject Director for Psychology in November 2019. My teaching and research mainly covers aspects of Experimental Cognitive Psychology, Research Methods, Statistics, and Health Psychology. I am a Fellow of the Psychonomic Society (FPsyS), a member of the Experimental Psychology Society, and a chartered member of the British Psychological Society (CPsychol.). I am also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA). 

Research and knowledge exchange

Research Grant Awards

£9,510 British Academy / Leverhulme Grant. The impact of alcohol, alcohol environments, and alcohol rumination on perspective taking ability. (2015-2017). Principal Investigator. Co-investigator: Dr Heather Ferguson (UKC). 

£2,458 Experimental Psychology Society (EPS) grant. The impact of saliency on perspective taking. Experimental Psychology Society (2015-2017). Principal Investigator.

£2,260 Experimental Psychology Society (EPS) grant. Awarded to host symposium entitled The role of executive functions in self and other perspective use. (2013). Co-Applicants: Dr Heather Ferguson (UKC), Dr David Williams (UKC)

£1,000 Research Seed Fund. Executive functions and Theory of Mind: An ERP investigation. (2013). University of Kent. Co-investigator with Dr Heather Ferguson (UKC)

Knowledge Exchange Activities

I deliver external workshops on the use of the R Statistcs Programme.  

Teaching and subject expertise

I am the Subject Director for Psychology and my subject expertise lies in cognitive psychology, health psychology, research methods and statistics. 

I am the convenor of the following modules:

Level 5 - Health Psychology

Postgraduate - Advanced Research Methods and Statistics 

Additional teaching:

Level 6 - Final Year Project - Quantitative and Qualitative approaches to data analyses

Postgraduate - Creativity and Cognition module

External activities

Selected Conference Presentations 

Strohmaier, S., Jones, F., & Cane, J. (2020). Effect of Length of Mindfulness Practice—A Randomized Controlled Experiment. Paper presented at Psychonomic Society 61st Annual Meeting, Austin, Texas, USA (virtual). In Abstracts of the Psychonomic Society 2020, 25, 310–311.

Cane, J., Ferguson, H., Ulrich, P., & Apperly I (2016). The impact of alcohol cognitions and contexts on perspective tasking. The Annual Meeting of the Psychonomics Society, November 2016, Boston, US.

Cane, J., Ferguson, H., Apperly I. Shared knowledge of alcohol cues affects perspective-taking ability. Emerging Methods in Addiction Conference. Society of the Study of Addiction, 11th June 2015.

Cane, J. & Ferguson, H. False Belief Reasoning Ability and Empathy: Evidence of a Relationship from the N400. 55th Annual Meeting of the Psychonomics Society, California, US. 20-23rd November 2014.

Cane, J.E., Ferguson, H., & Apperly, I. The effect of motivation and working memory on perspective-use: Evidence from eye-tracking. 20th Architectures and Mechanisms in Language Processing Conference. Edinburgh 3-5th August 2014. 

Cane, J.E., Ferguson, H., & Apperly, I. Exploring the role of executive functions in perspective-taking ability: Evidence from eye-tracking.  Experimental Psychology Society’s Meeting. April 2014.

Cane, J.E., Ferguson, H., Apperly, I. ‘Examining the influence of working memory on the time course of eye-movements in perspective taking task’. BPS CogDev Conference, Reading, September, 2013.

Cane, J.E., Ferguson, H.J., & Apperly, I. (2013). Working memory influences on perspective taking in the Keysar task: an eye-movement study. 17th European conference on eye movements, Lund, Sweden.

Cane, J.E., Ferguson, H., Apperly, I. ‘Examining the influence of working memory on the time course of eye-movements in perspective taking task’. The Experimental Psychology Society’s January meeting, London, January 3rd 2013.

Cane, J.E. & Michie, S. ‘Validating a theoretical framework for implementation and other behavior change research.’ BPS Division of Health Psychology Conference, Southampton, September 2011.

Cane, J.E. & Weger, U. ‘The cost of interruptions during reading: An examination of eye-movements, comprehension, and subjective difficulty.’  50th meeting of the Psychonomic Society, Boston, Massachusetts, November, 2009.

Cane, J.E. & Sharma, D. ‘Attentional bias to smoking and emotional stimuli: Evidence from eye-movements.’  50th meeting of the Psychonomic Society, Boston, Massachusetts, November, 2009.

Cane, J.E. & Sharma, D.  ‘Can smoking attentional bias be changed? An examination of attentional retraining in smokers, smokers attempting to quit, and non-smokers’ The XXIX International Congress of Psychology, Berlin, Germany, July 2008.

Publications and research outputs

Selected Publications

Sharma, D., & Cane, J. (2021). Levels of cognitive understanding: Reflective and impulsive cognition in alcohol use and misuse. In The Handbook of Alcohol Use: Understandings from Synapse to Society. Elsevier Science.

Strohmaier, S., Jones, F. W., & Cane, J. E. (2021). Effects of length of mindfulness practice on mindfulness, depression, anxiety and stress: a randomized controlled experiment. Mindfulness, 12, 198-214.

Ferguson, H. & Cane, J. (2017). Tracking the impact of depression in a perspective taking task. Scientific Reports, 7.

Cane, J.E., Ferguson, H., Apperly, I. (2017). Using perspective to resolve reference: the impact of cognitive load and motivation. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition.

Ferguson, H.J., Cane, J.E., & Apperly, I. (2016). Eye-tracking reveals the cost of switching between self and other perspectives in a visual perspective-taking task. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Ferguson, H.J. & Cane, J.E. (2015). Examining the cognitive costs of counterfactual language comprehension: Evidence from ERPs. Brain Research, 1622, 252-269.

Ferguson, H.J., Cane, J.E., Douchkov, M, & Wright, D. (2014). Empathy predicts false belief reasoning ability: Evidence from the N400. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 10, 848-855.

Cane, J.E., Richardson, M., Johnston, M., Ladha, R., Michie, S. (2014). From lists of behaviour change techniques (BCTs) to structured hierarchies:  comparison of two methods of developing a hierarchy of BCTs. British Journal of Health Psychology, 20, 130-150.

Cane, J.E., Michie, S., O'Connor, D. (2012). Validating a theoretical framework for implementation and other behavior change research. Implementation Science, 7,37. 

Cane, J.E., Cauchard, F. & Weger, U. (2012). The time-course of recovery from interruption during reading: Eye movement evidence for the role of interruption lag and spatial memory. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 65, 1397-1413.

Cane, J.E., Sharma, D. & Albery, I. (2009). The Addiction Stroop Task: Examining the fast and slow effects of smoking and marijuana related-cues. Journal of Psychopharmacology, 23(5).


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