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Dr Anke Franz

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Psychology and Life Sciences

Campus: Canterbury Main Campus

Tel: 01227 923765

Profile summary

Having completed my PhD in the area of adolescent sexual health in 2009, I worked as researcher at the CAMHS Research Unit at the IOP before starting my position as lecturer here at CCCU in 2010.  

I have a keen interest in applied research that benefits people and the community and challenges predetermined social ideas and norms. 

Research and knowledge exchange

I am an applied social psychologist with a particular interest in community based and/ or qualitative and mixed methods research.

My current research centres around the following areas:

I conduct research into dog ownership and attachment to dogs, predominantly with regard to dog adoption, fostering, and rescuing. The aim is to explore ways of reducing animals in animal rescue centres, and ensuring adopting and fostering a dog is a successful and positive experience.

I am also collaborating with Carol Trim and Liz on research into the wellbeing of assistance dogs, particularly within the context of the research on the benefits of facility and therapy dogs within court and police settings.

Finally, I am passionate about gendered, feminist and sexuality research, such as young people’s discourses around sexual experiences and the effects of pornography on young people.

I have conducted research using a wide variety of qualitative and mixed methods, such as Q methodology, IPA, thematic analysis, survey methods and complex service evaluations drawing on a range of methods, including conducting cost-benefit analyses. In addition, I have a particular interest in discourse research, for example, around adolescent sexuality. Within this research framework I am particularly interested in exploring the link between cultural-level discourses and individual-level discourses.

I have been the lead for the Society & Environment Research Group in Psychology from its beginnings to March 2019, and have now taken on the responsibilities of Recruitment, Outreach and Marketing within Psychology with my colleague Mark James.  

Teaching and subject expertise

I am a Higher Education Academy teaching fellow.

I am teaching mainly on our postgradaute programmes, particularly our MSc Conversion Psychology course. Here I convene, and teach on, the research disseration module, teh Society & ENvironment module (option) and the Extended Critical Essay module. I also supervise Master and PhD projects in areas of my expertise (see above for a summary of these).

External activities

Some of my more recent conference presentations

Franz, A., Worrell, M. & Vögele, C. (2017). Inferring national trends in discourse research using Q methodology. Presented at the International Q methodology conference, September 2017, Glasgow.

Franz, A. (2014). Media discourse research with adolescents: A case of isomorphism or non-isomorphism? Presented at the BPS Social Psychology Section Conference, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury.

I am regularly reviewing manuscripts for journals including the following:
Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine (an open-access journal)
Journal of Mixed Methods Research
Journal of Social Policy

Publications and research outputs

Spruin, L., Mazova, K. Franz, A., Mitchell, S., Fernandez, A., Webster, T. & Holt, N. (2019). The Use of Therapy Dogs to Support Court Users in the Waiting Room. International Criminal Justice Review.

Spruin, L., Baker, R.., Papadaki, I. Franz, A. & Alleyne, E. (2017). Exploring the belief systems of domestic abuse victims: An exploratory study. Journal of Criminological Research, Policy and Practice, 3, 17-26.

Franz, A., Worrell, M. & Vögele, C. (2016). Discourses of sexual relationships in a sample of German and British young people: A Q methodological study. Culture, Health and Sexuality, 18, 391-404.

Franz, A., Worrell, M. & Vögele, C. (2013). Integrating mixed method data in psychological research: Combining Q methodology and questionnaires in a study investigating cultural and psychological influences on adolescent sexual behaviour. Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 7, 370-389.


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