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Dr Jerry Burgess

Senior Lecturer Research and Neuropsychology Lead

School: School of Psychology and Life Sciences

Campus: Salomons

Tel: 01227 927117

Profile summary

Jerry has 7 years of NHS service in clinical neuropsychology departments, and 9 years as an academic on postgraduate applied psychology courses. His related education and employment included first, entry level, working in state-funded mental health services in Virginia USA (which included child/family, learning disability, and adult addictions and mental health) as a licensed mental health counsellor. He later earned a doctorate in combined-integrated clinical, counselling, and school psychology in 2004 from James Madison University, with neuropsychology related practicum placements in the USA and UK. 

He took up a post in the Clinical Neuropsychology Department at Leicester General Hospital working with people with acquired brain injuries, then the Royal Free Hospital Hampstead working with people with long-term neurological conditions. Since 2011 he has held posts on DClinPsy courses at the University of Leicester, and this current post at Canterbury Christ University, in which he is neuropsychology lead, and Programme Director of an online programme development, postgraduate diploma in clinical neuropsychology. His scholarship and research focus on psychometric testing and amnesia. He is the author of the Short Parallel Assessments of Neuropsychological Status (SPANS). 

External activities

Jerry serves on the British Psychological Society (BPS) committees: a) Committee for Training of Clinical Neuropsychologists (CTCN), and b) Committee for Test Standards (CTS). He is a guest reviewer for the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, Disability and Rehabilition, and Social Care and Neurodisability. 

Publications and research outputs

Tan, Y.W., Burgess, G.H., & Green, R. (2020). The effects of acculturation on neuropsychological test performance: A systematic review. The Clinical Neuropsychologist.DOI: 10.1080/13854046.2020.1714740

Tan, Y.W. & Burgess, G.H. (2018). Multidimensional effects of acculturation at the construct or index level of seven broad neuropsychological skills. Culture and Brain,  

Kent, E.C., Burgess, G.H., & Kilbey, E. (2018). Using the AQ-10 with adults who have a borderline or mild intellectual disability: Pilot analysis of an adapted AQ-10 (AQ-10 Intellectual Disability). Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 54, 65-75.

Gunn, S., Burgess, G.H., & Maltby, J. (2018). A factor analysis of Functional Independence and Functional Assessment Measure scores among focal and diffuse brain injury patients: The importance of bi-factor models. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, doi: 10.1016/j.apmr.2018.04.005.

Burgess, G.H. & Chadalavada, B. (2015). Profound anterograde amnesia following routine anaesthetic and dental procedure: A new classification of amnesia characterized by intermediate-to-late-stage consolidation failure? Neurocase, doi: 10.1080/13554794.2015.1046885.

Martinovic, D., Burgess, G.H., Pomerleau, C.M., & Marin, C. (2015). Comparison of children’s gaming scores to NEPSY-II scores: Validation of computer games as cognitive tools. Computers in Human Behavior, 49, 487-498.

Richards, A., Dean, R., Burgess, G.H., & Caird, H. (2015). Sexuality after stroke: An exploration of current professional approaches, barriers to providing support and future directions. Disability and Rehabilitation, doi 10.3109/09638288.2015.1106595

Burgess, G.H. (2014). Short Parallel Assessments of Neuropsychological Status (SPANS). Oxford, UK: Hogrefe, Inc.

Burgess, G.H. (2011). Emotions: A brain-based perspective. In: D. McNicholl & R. Poppleton (Eds.), Understanding and caring for people with neurological disorders: A practical handbook for frontline staff, carers, and students (pp. 91-114). Brighton, U.K: Pavilion Publishing Ltd.

Tittle, A. & Burgess, G.H. (2011). Relative contribution of attention and memory in disorientation, or post-traumatic amnesia, in an acute brain injury sample. Brain Injury, 25(10), 933-942.


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