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Dr Daniel Donoghue

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Psychology and Life Sciences

Campus: Canterbury Main Campus

Tel: 01227 922332

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I am a Prinicipal Lecturer in Geography and I am the current Programme Director.  I am an urban and economic geographer and I teach on a range of modules including Cities: Society and Space, Exploring the Global Economy, Geography of North America, Contemporary Human Geographies and on a number of other team taught modules.  I graduated with a PhD from Sheffield University in 1997, a Masters from University of Calgary in 1991 and a BA(Hons) from University College Dublin in 1987. Since 2012 I have served as Vice President of the International Geographical Union (IGU) Urban Commission. I am also a fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 

Research and knowledge exchange

Current research is focusing on two strands

the first strand is concerned with exploring cultural and creative activities in cities and assessing the impact of targetted policy and funding on the employment and occupational structures of those areas.

the second strand is involved with exploring regional imbalances and their measurement.  Collaborative work with colleagues in Canada and Italy uses Italy and the UK as examples to provide a better understanding of  long term economic imbalances in those countries

Teaching and subject expertise

Member of the International Geographical Union Urban Commission, Member Geography Society of Ireland, Member of RGS-IBG


Urban Economics

Urban Geography - specialising in Urban Systems

Economic Geography - specialising in Regional Economics

North American Geography

Statistics in Geography

External activities

Some recent International Conference Presentations

Creative and Cultural Industries in the British Urban System: Exploring

their role for urban and regional development                                                       2018

IGU Urban Meeting,

Montreal, Canada


Primate cities, the region effect and growth gradients: The Metropolitan            2018

effect on regional growth and regional disparities in Britain

IGU Urban Meeting,

Montreal, Canada


Measuring the Contribution of Cultural and Creative Services                             2017

to the Development of Regional Economies in the UK:  A Preliminary

Survey 2015

Regional Studies Association

Dublin, Ireland


What are Globalizing Cities?                                                                                     2016

International Geographical Union Urban Commission,

Shanghai, China

Publications and research outputs

RAY, M., HALL, P. & O’DONONGHUE, D. (2018) The elusive quest for balanced regional growth from Barlow to Brexit: Lessons from partitioning regional employment growth. Growth and Change, 00;1-19

SANTOMIL, D. & O’DONOGHUE, D. (2016) Cathedrals in the Digital Age: a Case Study of Santiago de Compostela and Canterbury. Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Management, 4 (1). pp. 14-35. ISSN 2372-5125.

O’DONOGHUE, D (2016) “Exploring the links between Employment Clusters and Economic Diversity in the British Urban System” Modern Economy, 7, 743-757. 

ROZENBLAT, C. & O’DONOGHUE, D. (2016) “The Visionary of World and European Cities” in Knowles, R. & Rozenblat, C. (eds.) Sir Peter Hall: Pioneer in Regional Planning, Transport and Urban Geography. SpringerBriefs on Pioneers in Science and practice, Volume 52.  Springer International, Switzerland.

O’DONOGHUE, D. (2014) “In the Shadow of a Giant. Core-peripheral contrasts in South East England” in O’Donoghue, D. (ed) (2014) Urban Transformations: Centres,              Peripheries and Systems. Ashgate: Aldershot.

O’DONOGHUE, D. (ed) (2014) Urban Transformations: Centres, Peripheries and Systems. Ashgate: Aldershot.

THOMAS, P. and O’DONOGHUE, D. (2013) “The Channel Tunnel: transport patterns and regional impacts”  Journal of Transport Geography, 31, pp.104-112.

O’DONOGHUE, D. and TOWNSHEND, I. (2005) “The Diversification, Specialisation, Convergence and Divergence of Sectoral Employment Structures in the British                 Urban System, 1991- 2001” International Journal of Regional Studies, 39, 5, pp. 585-601.

O’DONOGHUE, D. and GLEAVE, W.J. (2004) “A note on methods for measuring industrial  agglomeration” International Journal of Regional Studies, 38, 4, pp. 419-                427.

TOWNSHEND,  I., MacLACHLAN, L. & O’DONOGHUE, D. (2004) “Integrated Dis-Integration: Employment Structure of First Nations Communities on the Prairies                    Relative to their  Local Regions” Canadian Journal of Native Studies, 24, 1, pp. 91-127.

O’DONOGHUE, D (2000) “Some Evidence for the Convergence of Employment Structures in the British Urban System from 1978 to 1991”, International Journal of                  Regional Studies, 34, 2, pp. 159-168 .


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