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Dr Susannah Colbert

Clinical and Academic Tutor

School: School of Psychology and Life Sciences

Campus: To be Decided

Tel: 01227 927202

Profile summary

I trained myself at Salomons and graduated in 2010. My specialism is working with people with an experience of psychosis and I have worked in an Assertive Outreach Team, a crisis house and a Promoting Recovery Team in the NHS. In 2017, I started my EMDR training and starting using EMDR to try and help clients heal the trauma underlying their experience of psychosis. I became an EMDR Accredited Practitioner in Sept 2019 and I'm now working towards becoming an EMDR consultant. In Jan 2021, I started as a clinical and academic tutor on the Salomons course. Now I have the opportunity to carry out and support more research on EMDR and psychosis to provide the evidence base for the clinical work I have seen can be so successful for our clients.  

Research and knowledge exchange

I'm of the view (consistent with the Threat, Power, Meaning Framework) that psychosis IS trauma, rather than co-morbid with trauma, i.e. it's the experience of trauma, and unprocessed trauma memories, that give rise to psychosis. I am currently supervising research into the experiences of clients with psychosis who have experienced EMDR and what recovery narratives from psychosis can tell us about the link between trauma/adversity and psychosis. I am also supervising research on the challenges of psychology services in Early Intervention in Psychosis Teams in New Zealand adapting their model and approach to be more welcoming and acceptable to their Maori clients, drawing on indigenous knowledge and practices.  

Teaching and subject expertise

I co-ordinate the teaching on clinical complexity integration, and biological & medical approachescontribute to the clinical skills module and to the research teaching around narrative analysis. My other teaching interests are around psychosis and trauma, and research practices. I am also interested in decolonising the curriculum and working towards equality, diversity and inclusion as a central tenant in the programme   

External activities

I teach and facilitate on EMDR basic training and provide supervision for novice EMDR therapists.   

Publications and research outputs

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Colbert, S.M. and Peters, E.R. (2002). Need for closure and jumping to conclusions in delusion-prone individuals. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 190, 27 - 31.


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