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Guy Pitchers

Guy Pitchers

PhD Student

School: School of Human and Life Sciences

Campus: Canterbury

Profile summary

Guy completed an undergraduate and master’s degree in Strength and Conditioning at the University of Gloucestershire and a PGCE at Canterbury Christ Church University. Before starting as an instructor for the university he spent four years teaching at West Kent College where he served as programme lead in the sport higher education courses.   

Guy is an accredited strength and conditioning coach currently working at Charlton Athletic Women’s Football Club delivering a range of sessions to the senior first team and regional talent pathway players. He also has previous experience of providing strength and conditioning to Gloucestershire County Cricket Club, Radley College and Bristol Rugby Club.

Project description

His current PhD research looks to investigate non-hormonal and hormonal contraceptive users on markers of athletic performance, internal athlete wellness and training load monitoring. The aim of this research is to better inform the athletes and practitioners on how to better plan, implement and assessment female athletic performance.

Research, conference proceeding and workshops

Workshop delivery for Bath University - Training the female athlete, 2019

Hughes, J.D., Pitchers, G., How, S.C., and Cole, M. The relationship between vertical leg stiffness and gross mechanical efficiency in cyclists. Journal of Science and Cycling, 3(2), 21, 2014

Pitchers, G., Hughes, J.D., Clarke, R., and Royle, J. The acute kinetic effects of cluster training on semiprofessional rugby players during mid-thigh clean pulls. Proceedings of the UKSCA National Conference, Chesford Grange, Warwickshire, England. July 2014

Clarke, R., Pitchers, G., Hughes, J.D., Maturational Effects on the Influence of Power Output and Anthropometric Measures on 100m Freestyle Swim Times. Proceedings of the UKSCA National Conference, Chesford Grange, Warwickshire, England. July 2014

Pitchers, G., Cole, M. and Hughes, J.D. The relationship of vertical leg stiffness, peak power output and V̇O2max in recreationally active cyclists: Identification of the interface between human and the bike. Proceedings of the UKSCA National Conference, University of Nottingham, England. August – September 2013.

Pitchers, G., Lloyd, R.S., Read, P. and Oliver, J.L. The effects of cluster set configuration on measures of peak power, bar velocity, and rate-of-force-development in jump squats: identification of optimal intra-set rest period. Proceedings of the UKSCA National Conference, University of London, England. September 2012.


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