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Foteini Papadopoulou

PhD Student

School: School of Human and Life Sciences

Campus: Canterbury

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Throughout my study years and after completing my undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece, I worked in the field of young people, sport, physical education and physical activity. In 2004, I started my MSc studies at Loughborough University and further pursued my MPhil at the same University after being awarded a scholarship.  My postgraduate studies focused on Sociology of the Body and on the Career-long professional development of PE teachers on issues of young disaffected people; further, on the role of PE and School Sport in benefiting disaffected young people.  

My doctoral research at the Canterbury Christ Church University is titled: ‘Social disadvantage and the role of Physical Education and Sport-for-All in young people at Cyprus and Greece: discourse of social class, gender and race’. It is a Cross-Cultural qualitative research study that explores whether PE and Sport-for-All can contribute in addressing and breaking the barriers in socially disadvantaged young people. The fieldwork took place in Athens/Greece and Nicosia/Cyprus, making this study unique since it’s the first study of such type to be conducted in two places currently experiencing social disadvantage, such as severe recession and prolonged period of crisis.

Overall, my research interests include: Qualitative social research methods, intersectionality, P. Bourdieu, J. Butler and Critical Race theory, Physical Education and Sport-for-all for Socially Disadvantaged young people, Sociology of the Body, Professional development for teachers and trainers, effective delivery of seminars to parents on preventing their child disengagement from education and sport and PE.

I have published two monographs: ‘Disaffected Youth, School Sport, PE teachers’ Professional Development. A Qualitative Approach’ (2016) and ‘Body Image, Profession and Social Class. A sociological study on how Profession and Social Class may affect a person’s body image’ (2011). In 2009, my paper ‘Disaffected Youth: What every PE teacher needs to know’? was selected from Guardian as one of the best 25 papers in BERA/Manchester. In 2010, my paper ‘A Shared Vision for PE, Physical Activity & Youth Sport’ was awarded with the 1st prizeat the PE-PAYS Forum/Limerick-Ireland.

At the moment, my life is split in 3; that is between Nicosia/Cyprus, Athens/Greece and Canterbury/UK. Nonetheless, I am committed in working and further researching young people, social disadvantage, the role of PE and Sport while advancing the employment of qualitative methods of social research.


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