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Anthony De Caux

PhD Student

School: School of Human and Life Sciences

Campus: Canterbury

Profile summary

After leaving school in 1998 with not great grades, after the best part of two decades, I decided to apply for a clearing place at CCCU, on the Sport and Exercise Science BSc program in 2015, where I was offered a place based on my experiences and not my grades. During this time, I took a keen interest in the exercise and health pathway that CCCU offered and decided to stay on to do MSc Applied Exercise and Health Science. I designed and implemented a research project for my MSc that looked at whether a reduction in blood pressure following and isometric wall squat intervention was due to a sham effect of from and physiological adaptations. This has led me to continue to do a PhD to look at further novel intervention to reduce blood pressure and improve vascular health.  

I have worked in the health and fitness industry for around 10 years in a number of roles, such as personal trainer, kickboxing/ boxing coach, strength and conditioning coach and an exercise referral practitioner, where I have gained valuable experience that has and will continue to help me with academic career. I was a competitive kickboxer and boxer for many years, where I competed in national and international shows. Furthermore, I hold a blackbelt in kickboxing and I run my own club.  



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