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Life Sciences Industry Liaison Lab

Our Life Sciences Industry Liaison Lab at Discovery Park marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for both Canterbury Christ Church University, and Discovery Park.

The lab allows students and staff to link up with companies working at the cutting edge of research, helping them to find solutions that lead to new treatments and ground-breaking discoveries.

Introducing the Industry Liaison Lab

Life Sciences Industry Liaison Lab, Discovery Park

Our laboratory provides the University and its students with first class facilities for science and research. It is an added resource for local businesses.

Students and staff are available to work on projects for the diverse and dynamic range of pharmaceutical and bio-technology companies based at Discovery Park. 

The laboratory provides:

  • Support the next generation of scientists with facilities opened up to schools and colleges.
  • Offer expertise in major microbial and invertebrate model systems such as E. coli, yeast and, C. elegans.
  • Offer expertise in biochemistry, protein expression, structural biology and crystallography.
  • Offer expertise in gene expression, genome sequencing and bioinformatics.
  • Offer expertise in cancer cell and stem cell biology, analytical and synthetic chemistry, molecular biology and quantitative genetics.

Macromolecular Crystallography @ Christ Church

Here at Christ Church University as an undergraduate student you can participate in all aspects of crystallographic studies. With access to the national synchrotron facility at Harwell, Oxford; The Diamond Light Source, through a stringent peer review process for non-proprietary research, going from purified protein to published structure is a reality. 

For our industrial partners a confidential and proprietary service is also available with appropriate fee structure negotiated in line with the needs of your project.  The Life Sciences Industry Liaison Lab can offer a personalised approach to your crystallographic research questions.

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Making science work for you

We can work with you on a variety of levels to meet your business needs. This includes anything from undergraduate projects to full academic consultancy. 

*Note: Specialist consumables and/or access to equipment may need to be provided at additional cost. Your project expenditure may also qualify you for R&D tax relief.

Our courses

Life Sciences Industry Liaison Lab, Discovery Park

Our undergraduate science degrees provide a broad-ranging introduction to the Life Sciences. They can be studied either full-time or part-time with the option of a placement year.

Meanwhile our MSc by Research, MPhil or PhD in Biological Sciences represent opportunities to carry out an in-depth research study and to contribute new knowledge to a chosen subject, working closely with academic supervisors. Our postgraduate qualifications can be taken full-time or part-time and we can explore how a student’s research can be integrated into their working role.

Building expertise

We are keen to support the continuing professional development needs of businesses and would be happy to discuss the development of industry-relevant courses.

Contact us

For further information, or for an initial discussion about a research idea, please contact Dr Simon Harvey, Director of Life Sciences: or Dr Cornelia Wilson:

"Meeting the needs of business is important to us so we can be sure we are producing graduates who are business-ready as well as maintaining our own understanding of current R&D challenges."

Dr Simon Harvey

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