Sharon Good

Sharon Good

Sharon Good

PhD Student

School: School of Psychology, Politics and Sociology

Campus: Canterbury

Profile summary

My previous twenty years of work have focused on supporting young people through various roles such as, careers adviser, apprenticeship broker, school based sign language communicator, college based sign language teacher and transition co-ordinator for Special Educational Needs / disabled students. In 2013 I took up a full time BSc in Psychology at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) graduating with first class honours. A research internship during my degree programme inspired me to pursue a career in academia. I am now undertaking a part time PhD alongside part time employment as an Instructor on the Psychology undergraduate programme. I am a member of The British Psychological Society, the Learning and Development Research group (CCCU) and a convenor for the first year undergraduate module -Graduate Attributes in Psychology.

Research topic

Talking about the children: An investigation into the dispositional or relational basis of mind-mindedness.

Supervisory team 

Research outline

My PhD project seeks to explore individual differences in mind-mindedness. Traditionally mind-mindedness has been researched in mother and infant or mother and child contexts. It is demonstrated by the mother referencing the thoughts and feelings of her child during observed mother –child interactions or when she is asked to describe her child. References to those thoughts and feelings are taken to represent the mothers’ perception of her child as having a mind of their own. Evidence suggests that greater mind-mindedness in mothers is correlated with positive outcomes for children. However, the extent to which a mother displays a mind-minded approach varies. My studies will explore mind-mindedness in two populations namely adults and families and will include an investigation of patterns of mind-mindedness between generations. Applications of the knowledge generated by my research could include the development of parenting support interventions.


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