Leanne Drew-McKain


Leanne Drew McKain

PhD Student

School: Psychology, Politics and Sociology

Campus: Canterbury



Profile summary

Leanne Drew-McKain is the founder and CEO of Coach Pty Ltd—an Australian-based company helping leaders and organisations create high-performance-behaviour cultures. 

With a background in journalism and communication, Leanne became a highly sought communication strategist, helping CEOs. leaders and teams maximise their own communication initiatives and influence.  

Determined to give leaders and staff a language to ‘talk about how they talk to each other’ in their organisations, Leanne started her company Coach in 2010. Through industry partnerships and direct client delivery Coach works heavily to support workplace cultures that disallow bullying and disrespectful communication behaviours—and foster trust, courtesy and inclusion. 

In the past decade as this work advanced Leanne returned to study in the field of applied neuroscience—and now continues her post-graduate studies in the PhD in Professional Practice Program at Salomons Institute of Applied Psychology at CCCU.  It is Leanne’s thesis that only when we understand, identify, amplify and re-skill workplace communication behaviours in organisations will we position ourselves to shrink workplace bullying. Now, having developed a set of foundational data-capture and practice-change tools, in Leanne’s work over the next five+ years she wants to further help workplaces develop a language that empowers staff to discuss, address and minimise harmful communication patterns in and across their workforce. Through her research and practice,  Leanne wants to bring to the global workplace a long-needed way of understanding and extinguishing the harmful communication behaviours that continue to plague workforce wellbeing and performance. Her ultimate aim is to develop the first applied neuroscience-based conceptual framework to understand and prevent workplace bullying. 




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