Keli Jenner

Keli Jenner

Keli Jenner

PhD Student

School: School of Psychology and Life Sciences

Campus: Canterbury

Profile summary

My research interests lie in evolutionary perspectives on human behaviour, particularly sexual selection and signalling behaviour and its contemporary relevance. I have a BSc in Biological Anthropology and a MSc in Group Processes and Intergroup Relations from the University of Kent and started my full-time PhD at CCCU in October 2016.

Research topic

Altruism as showing off: A signalling perspective on promoting green and cooperative behaviours.

Supervisory team 

  • Dr Wendy Iredale - 1st supervisors 
  • Dr David Vernon - 2nd supervisor 

Research outline

Building on from my MSc thesis which explored the role of altruism as a costly signal in sexual selection, the main aim of my research is to test whether signalling theory can be applied to promote altruistic behaviour.

Research outputs

Through a series of experimental studies, I will be looking at how signalling theory can be utilised to reduce energy waste, increase charitable donations and exploring what the underlying signalling mechanism that allows for cooperative behavioural change is.

Recent Publications: 

Iredale, W., Jenner, K., & Van Vugt, M. (in prep). Giving guys get the girls: Men appear more desirable to the opposite sex when displaying costly donations to the homeless.

Jenner, K. & Iredale, W. (2019). Altruism and Watching Eyes. Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science.


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