FAQ for new Psychology students

If you are a new Psychology student, you may have some questions about your course.

On this page you can find answers to some of the most common questions our new students ask us. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask a member of our team, and will be more than happy to help you in any way we can.


Blackboard is the internal website we use for getting information to you. You can access it by clicking here.

A module is a 'piece' of a degree programme and has a certain number of credits associated with it. A typical Psychology programme graduate leaves university after gaining 360 credits (120 per year).

There's no strict rule, but bear in mind that room changes and other important information is communicated either via Blackboard, email, or both. Check often!

You can search for contacts using our phone and email directory . If you want to contact a member of staff, you can often (but not always!) construct their email address using the format firstname.secondname@canterbury.ac.uk .

You can also find members of staff through our School staff list. 

The first letter of a room is the building. So L means 'Laud', for instance. The second letter is the floor. So 'g' means ground. The third part is the room number, like 15. Hence: Lg15.

To find rooms specifically, you can look them up on our room inventory.

Lectures and seminars may involve group work, but we'd encourage you to engage with our Psychological Society (PsySoc), volunteer for local charities, and join sports and other clubs.

On the Psychology programme, your personal tutor will be a friendly point of contact, a person to look at your self-reflective work throughout the year, and can provide you with advice related to your degree. Tutors are not all-knowing miracle workers! They may need to refer you elsewhere in the programme or university.

Go to the 'Psychology General' Blackboard and look for 'Tutorial Groups'.

If your question is related to a module, you can email the module convenor.

If your question is broader than that, but still relates to the Psychology programme, email psyadmin@canterbury.ac.uk.

For all other help-related matters, you can ask the i-zone.

That's a good question! Buy books that you'll be using a lot (for instance, in multiple modules). Module handbooks should be able to give you further information.

Which seminar group am I in for the combined 'Brain and Mind' and 'Key Skills' seminars?

You can find these on the 'Key Skills' Blackboard under 'My Group'.

This is a system that we use to make sure that your work (usually an essay or practical report) is written by you alone. It helps us identify those rare cases where students have copied from each other or from textbooks and articles.

And we'd love you to follow us! Our Twitter account is @CCCUPsych and you can find us on Facebook as CCCU Psychology. Don't forget our blog, for in-depth articles and news: CCCUPsychology.com.



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