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Our team is currently comprised of 17 academic staff, with a vast range of knowledge and experience spanning many different disciplines and perspectives; covered by the broad research areas of Creativity and Cognition, Health and Wellbeing, Society and Environment and Learning and Development.

Supported by a dedicated team of highly trained administrators, student support and dedicated technical staff, you can begin your journey into the world of Psychology at CCCU safe in the knowledge that you will be both supported in your studies and intellectually challenged every step of the way!  

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Dedicated support

Our degree programme is accredited by the BPS. In addition to providing you the opportunity to become a chartered psychologist, this accreditation also means that we will provide you with dedicated support and resources for your study. For example, we have dedicated psychology teaching spaces, specialist support and purpose built labs and software.

A great way to learn about psychology is by doing – to this end we run a Psychology Research Participation Scheme (RPS), where during the course of your studies you will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience of working in psychology labs with different forms of experimentation, observation and interviews; taking part in final year students’ dissertation studies, before using the system to recruit participants of your own. This provides an exciting opportunity to conduct research using our developmental observation lab, eye tracking system, physiological response recording or EEG (electroencephalogram) kit, to name a few.

Through a range of lectures, seminars, practical classes, workshops and field trips, as well as one-to-one tutorials and student led focus groups, we provide you with the resources you need to enable you to become an active and engaged learner and tailor your experience to your own learning style.

Work embedded learning/Transferable skills

Over the course of your study, you will get to take modules designed to build your psychology work-based skills. These include critical thinking and professional writing, problem solving and communication, as well as data handling and statistical analysis. We also encourage work placements and work experience and can support you in getting them through our established contacts in the community and wider area. This includes schools, hospitals and special populations, allowing you great opportunity for creating links to organisations and forming networks for research.

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95% of our most recent Psychology students were in jobs or further study 6 months after finishing their course.

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