Shannon Codd-Steiner


Geography graduate

It wouldn’t be appropriate to simply tell you what my job role is now, as it is so far from what I thought I would be doing after graduating with my first class degree in Geography. My roles since leaving CCCU have been the following: GIS Intern, GIS Technician, traveler and hotel receptionist, Information Planner/Analyst, Cartographic Draughtsman and Luxury Travel Consultant, my current role.

My time at CCCU has helped immensely in every one of these roles. The GIS modules gave me the basis for my first role at Applied Wayfinding, a leading design and mapping company in London. The constant research and analysis through the degree gave me this mind that still has a never ending thirst to learn, ask questions and challenge ideas. This sent me travelling for almost a year, soaking up the cultures we had discussed in lectures. After returning to Applied Wayfinding as an Information Planner/Analyst, I moved back into mapping as a Cartographic Draughtsman for the Geographer’s A-Z Map Company based in Kent.


Unable to shake the desire to travel, I did what I thought would be impossible and moved into a completely different career as a Luxury Travel Consultant - proof that a Geography degree can take you anywhere! To my surprise, many skills were transferable and of course my knowledge of the world helped hugely (turns out, knowing where places are on a map actually is useful in real life!). Now my job is tailor-making bespoke trips to destinations all over the world. My knowledge of the world and its cultures is useful every day, plus being technically minded (thanks GIS) definitely helps with airline booking systems! You could also say that getting to travel as your job is a bonus!


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