Rob Bewick

Rob Bewick

Geography graduate

Since finishing at CCCU I have worked in both education teaching Geography, and for a Local Authority as a Planning Officer dealing with a range of planning applications as well as enforcement work. During my time at CCCU my trip to Malta in Year 2 was without doubt the highlight. It was a demanding week academically but really rewarding in terms of experiences and memories which is a really important part of university. It also helped me work under pressure and in groups. It taught me how to utilise a limited range of resources and very tight timescales for a range of different projects and assignments which has proved really useful in my career.

The size of the department and location of the campus close to the city centre make CCCU a great place to study. CCCU has a really good track record of education-based training, something from which I benefited whilst studying. The time spent in Malta and my dissertation focus on regeneration in my home town ignited my interest in planning, the means of improving the built environment and making spaces people want to live and work and which are sustainable. This led to a move into Town Planning which I felt was something I could use my Geography skills to a greater degree on the ground. I get to visit sites regularly and as my career progresses liaising with a greater range of stakeholders and understanding the wide range of social, economic and environmental issues will become increasingly important.


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