Petro Michaelas


Geography graduate

I decided to start looking for a graduate job whilst I was in my final year at university, this would allow me to get my foot in the door and stand out from other applicants. I could earn some extra money during my studies which was another benefit.

Beginning in a position as an assistant sustainability consultant I was being taught on the job and self-learning applying my degree skills and knowledge. My day to day role would involve talking and emailing clients, undertaking presentations to showcase to companies and clients the benefits of sustainable buildings and undertaking report writing.


Since then I have progressed in my career and have completed various exams (BREEAM and SAP Assessor) and three further qualifications. Currently, I work autonomously managing over 15 construction projects. Working as part of a design team, I take on the role of consulting and ensuring compliance with different energy and sustainability requirements. I can produce Energy Performance Certificates for houses, an assessment of dwellings to ensure they are compliant with planning energy requirements.

Since graduating I have to applied and enhanced different skills and knowledge from my degree, I have chaired meetings with working professionals from different sectors, my role also involves closely assessing evidence and documents to ensure compliance and ensuring that all members involved in a project are able to provide me with the necessary evidence.

Overall, I am pleased that I am in a profession which shares the same values as me. Striving to make the world we live in a more environmentally friendly place.


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