Michael Boorman: Geography

Geography student Michael Boorman recently completed a paid internship which looked at the way maps are portrayed in the media.

Michael shows us the types of map he's been studying

Under the supervision of Professor Peter Vujakovic, Michael studied a range of broadsheet newspapers to look at exactly how maps are presented via media outlets. He looked at the size, colour and style of the maps, and used this information to add to the University's research in this area. 

This paid internship gave Michael valuable insight into the world of academic research, and helped him develop skills that will prove useful next year when he comes to write his final year dissertation.

Not only that, but the internship also looks great on his CV, and has given him the chance to think about his future career options. He's now looking forward to seeing his name credited as part of Prof. Vujakovic's work, set to be published later this year.

Michael's research poster

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