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Dr Jennifer Hardes

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Law, Policing and Social Sciences

Campus: Canterbury Main Campus

Tel: 01227 923895

Profile summary

I received my PhD (2014) from the University of Alberta (Canada) Department of Sociology specialising in social theory, bioethics & socio-legal studies, and I am now appointed as a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at CCCU. I teach on our sociology and criminology programmes in areas of: introductory sociology; social research methods; and crime, deviance and the law.

My overarching research is focused on the relationships between law, ethics, crime and society. I take a critical approach to bioethical issues, ranging from topics such as the criminalisation, legalisation and privatisation of different forms of end of life interventions (the ‘right to die’), to bioethical issues in sport (such as harm, violence and concussions). I was recently awarded Theoretical Criminology’s 2020 Best Article Award for my article on Boxing, Biopolitics and the Body.

I welcome doctoral students in any of these areas relating to bioethics, law and society and socio-legal approaches to sport.

Teaching and subject expertise

Undergraduate and Masters Teaching

Module leader

Becoming a Sociologist (Y1)

Doing Social Research (Y1)

Crime, Power and the State (Y2)

PhD/EdD Supervision

Current Doctoral Students:

Buse Ozdirench, PhD (Sociology) Cannabis and social change (Chair of Studies)

Corinne Thomas, PhD (Criminology/Sociology) Revenge pornography (Chair of Studies)

Recently Completed Doctoral Students:

Nicole Holt, PhD (Public Health). Spirituality & Health, 2022

Alan Jones, EdD. Research-Based Learning, 2017

Publications and research outputs

Cant, S., & Hardes, J. (2021). How to be a Sociologist. London: Harper Collins.

Hardes, J. (2020). Governing Excess: Boxing, Biopolitics and the Body. Theoretical Criminology, 24(4), 687-705.

Hardes, J. (2019) Governing Sporting Brains: Concussion, Neuroscience and the Biopolitical Regulation of Sport. In J. Fry & M. McNamee (Eds). Sport, Ethics and Neurophilosophy. London: Routledge (pp. 23-35). (Reprint).

Hardes, J. (2018). Women, 'Madness' and Exercise. Medical Humanities, 44, 181-192.  

Hardes, J.& Hogeveen, B. (2017) Flow, Skilled-Coping and the Sovereign Subject: Towards an Ethics of Being-With in Sport. In G. Breivik (Ed.). Skills, Knowledge & Expertise in Sport.  London: Routledge. Forthcoming.

Hardes, J. & Revell, L. (2017). Law, Education and Prevent, Education, Citizenship and Social Justice. 

Hardes, J. (2017) Governing Sporting Brains: Concussion, Neuroscience and the Biopolitical Regulation of Sport. Sport, Ethics and Philosophy Journal, online before print.

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Hardes, J. (2016). Law, Immunization and the Right to Die. London, UK: Routledge Glasshouse Books.

Hardes, J. & Hogeveen, B, (2016). Flow, Skilled-Coping and the Sovereign Subject: Towards an Ethics of Being-With in Sport. Sport, Ethics and Philosophy Journal, 10(3), 283-294.

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Hardes, J. (2013). Fear, Sovereignty and the Right to Die. Societies, 3(1), 66-79

Hardes, J. (2007). The Coaching Act: Interview with Chris Volley. In James Denison (Ed.) Coaching knowledges: Understanding the dynamics of sport performance (pp. 181-199)London: A & C Black Publishers.


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