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Dr Paul Swallow

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Law, Policing and Social Sciences

Campus: Canterbury Main Campus

Tel: 01227 923231

Profile summary

I am a former Metropolitan Police officer (1976 - 2006) spending the latter part of my career with New Scotland Yard’s Special Branch and Counter-Terrorism Command (SO15).  I specialised in the international aspects of counter-terrorism, representing the UK in bodies such as NATO, Europol and Interpol. I spent five years working in Paris with the French police and intelligence services. In 2006, I was awarded the Medal of Honour by the Director General of France’s ‘Police Nationale’ for work in Anglo-French police cooperation.

On leaving the police, I stayed in Paris until 2015 working in the financial sector for the New York Stock Exchange (Euronext) Group. I undertook roles in risk management, business continuity and physical security.  

Academically I have an undergraduate degree in modern languages (French, Spanish and German), a Master’s degree in Risk Management researching the animal rights movement and a PhD exploring the development of European police cooperation. I also hold the Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice from CCCU.

My research interests include Interpol, Europol and international police cooperation, the relationship between the police and the private security sector, terrorism and political violence including the animal rights movement and the level of international crime investigated by the private investigative sector without reference to national police agencies or prosecution services.

I am an external doctoral examiner and sessional lecturer at London Metropolitan University (LMU), an External Examiner at Liverpool John Moore's University (LJMU) and the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). 

Research and knowledge exchange

Presently I am supervising Master's and PhD students researching the impact of Brexit on police forces in the UK, the meaning of 'independence' in police complaints investigations, the resourcing of the NCA, maximising the use of the professional (non-policing) skills in members of the Special Constabulary and the impact of the 'Prevent' strand of CONTEST on schools.

Teaching and subject expertise

I am the Programme Director for the PhD by Portfolio in Policing. and have been module leader for three Policing Suite courses: Transnational Organised Crime, International Policing: Structures and Dynamics and Beyond Policing: Issues in International Justice. I also work as a sessional French lecturer specialising in 20th century French History and Politics.

External activities

In terms of professional memberships, I am a Fellow of the Security Institute, a member of the Business Continuity Institute and hold the International Certificate in Risk Management. I am a Senior Fellow of the Center for the Advanced Studies of Terrorism ( and a graduate of the INSEAD Leadership programme. I was a member of the European Corporate Security Association (ECSA) in Belgium and the Club des Directeurs de Sécurité des Entreprises in Paris where I was an Advisory Board member from 2008 to 2015. I was the co-chair of France's chapter of the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), a post held from 2008 to 2012.

External academic activies have included:

2015 - date: External Examiner for post-graduate policing courses at Liverpool John Moore's University and at the University of Central Lancashire.

2007 - date: Visiting post-graduate lecturer and External Examiner at the John Grieve Centre at London Metropolitan University (Professional Doctorate)

1997 - 2000 Special Course ‘Leadership’ tutor (Sergeant’s phase) at the Police Staff College, Bramshill

1998 – 2007 visiting lecturer on International Policing and Terrorism, Police Staff College, Bramshill

1992 to date: Various lectures on policing, terrorism and risk management to EU and US audiences e.g.
     2003/2005 RAND Corporation - speaker at a Conference on Responses to Terrorism, Santa Monica CA
     2006/2007 US Naval Post Graduate College - Lecturing on CT in the EU, Monterey CA
     2009 BKA - speaker at a Conference on animal rights extremism, Cologne
     2013 George Mason University - speaker at a Conference on Risk Management, Washington DC
     2013 World Conference on Disaster Management - speaker at a Conference on Disaster and Crisis Management, Toronto

External professional activies have included::

2002-2005: NATO’s ‘Vilémov’ Group, exploring ways NATO could fulfil a 1998 Council tasking for an enhanced security role

2002-2003: EU international review group examining the effectiveness of Europol’s 9-11 Counter-Terrorist Task Force

2005: EU Mission to Algeria under the Luxembourg Presidency to examine cooperation in Counter-Terrorism

Publications and research outputs

A selection of publications include:

  • 2018 Hadfield, A. Tong, S, Swallow, P. ‘Kent and Medway: delivering a Brexit border: policing, security, freight and customs’. Research Report. Canterbury: CCCU 
  • 2013 ‘Counter Terrorism Liaison Officers: A Trusted Anachronism?’ in Liaison Officers: Essential Actors in Transnational Policing eds Den Boer and Block p171-183 (The Netherlands: Eleven Publishers)
  • 2010 ‘L’extrémisme des défenseurs des droits des animaux: une menace pour l’entreprise? (Animal rights extremism: A threat to businesses?) Sécurité et Stratégie No 2 p.13-19 (Paris: CDSE)
  • 2004, ‘Transnational Terrorism: Police, Interpol and Europol’ in Oldrich Cerny and M. Edmonds (eds.), Future NATO Security: Addressing the Challenges of Evolving Security and Information Sharing Systems and Architectures (Amsterdam: ISO Press, 2004), 74-76
  • 2003 ‘Proactive terrorist investigations and the use of intelligence’ Journal of Financial Crime Vol. 10 (4) p378-381
  • 2002 ‘Vue d'ensemble sur l'évolution des forces de maintien de l'ordre en Europe : les répercussions de l'européanisation sur la police britannique’ (Overview of police development in Europe: The repercussions of Europeanisation on the British police) Cultures & Conflits n°48 p.57-80 (Paris : Cultures et Conflits)
  • 2000 ‘Schengen and the United Kingdom’ Die Union Vol 2/2000 p.122- 128 (European Commission: Austria)
  • 1996 ‘Of limited Operational Relevance: A European View of Interpol’s Crime fighting Role in the Twenty-First Century’ Transnational Organised Crime Vol. 2 (4) p.106 -130 (London: Cass). (See

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