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We offer a number of exciting postgraduate programmes in the areas of policing, criminology and criminal justice. These include our MSc Applied Policing Practice and our innovative MSc in Policing.

Key benefits of our programmes include:

  • Taught by enthusiastic experts.
  • Research-led teaching.
  • Regular special guest speakers.
  • Diverse community.
  • Supportive learning environment.
  • State-of-the-art facilities.

To find out more about our postgraduate programmes, browse our online prospectus, or read our course descriptions below…

*MSc Applied Policing Practice

Alternative awards:

  • *Postgraduate Certificate Applied Policing Practice (Organisation, Leadership & Development)
  • *Postgraduate Certificate Applied Policing Practice (Evidenced Based Police Interventions)
  • *Postgraduate Diploma Applied Policing Practice

The MSc in Applied Policing Practice is offered to police officers and staff of all ranks and roles in related occupations. The demand on the police service is becoming increasingly more complex and the issues involved require a wider knowledge base and new skill sets to address them effectively. This programme supports students in developing their knowledge and their research interests. Key to this programme is also leadership and management which is critical to the success of any police reform and local organisational change programme.

Our new programme will be based around building new postgraduate ‘policing themes’ that can be adapted to deliver the most contemporaneous issues in crime, policing and the CJS, and then, just as quickly, respond to new reforms or challenges that may confront the police/CJS in the future.

For more information on this programme is available on the prospectus page. Please submit the application form to

MSc Policing

The MSc in Policing is run in conjunction with the Police Academy of the Netherlands, and is open to police officers and police support staff from the UK, the Netherlands and other European countries. This part-time course aims to give you an academic understanding of issues that are important to the police, their partners and the public. The course will help you develop a number of key skills, including the ability to transform academic findings into operational recommendations, and research and develop policing strategies. Find out more about MSc in Policing.

MSc by Research in Policing

Our MSc by Research is open to both current serving officers, support staff and those yet to embark on a career in law enforcement. It is designed to give you knowledge of research methodologies, the use of evidence in policing and the theoretical foundations of policing and criminal justice. Whilst students will be expected to attend taught sessions the MSc will be awarded on the final thesis which will be based on an empirical research study of a chosen area of policing.

For more information on this course, please contact

You can also read more about the various  funding options available.

PhD study

We supervise a range of PhD projects and offer expertise in areas from policing ethics to digital crime, domestic violence and social responsibility. Find out more about our Criminal Justice PhD supervisors.

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For further information on any of these programmes, please browse our online prospectus, or alternatively, contact our postgraduate programme director Sofia Graca.

When I began the MSc in Applied Policing Practice almost two years ago, I viewed the course as something that would have a beginning and an ending. I imagined my educational journey would finish with the completion of my dissertation; I had determined that success would be completing the course itself. My experience on the course so far has completely changed the way I think about what it actually means to actively engage in police research; I cannot imagine a future for myself now that does not have continuous learning and personal academic development in it. Undertaking the MSc in Applied Policing Practice at Canterbury Christ Church University has fundamentally changed the direction of my life and the way I see the world. If you’re thinking about doing this course, do it.

Cassandra Unger, MSc Applied Policing Practice



Apply Direct / Part-time study

Location Length Start  
MPhil/PhD Criminal Justice apply
Canterbury 66 months part-time September 2020
MPhil/PhD Criminal Justice apply
Canterbury 66 months part-time February 2021
MSc by Research (Social & Applied Sciences) apply
Canterbury 1 year part-time September 2020
MSc in Applied Policing Practice apply
Canterbury 2 years part-time September 2020
Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Policing Practice (Organisation Leadership & Development) apply
Canterbury 1 year part-time September 2020



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