Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation

Is there tension in the workplace? Are there difficulties communicating with an employer or an employee? Has a workplace relationship broken down completely?

Mediation is the quick, effective, low-cost way of resolving workplace disputes without going to an employment tribunal.

Depending on the length of the tribunal hearing, an unfair dismissal case could cost as much as £15,000 in legal fees. Not to mention the time and stress involved in litigation, together with any award made by the tribunal, employers could find themselves responsible for having to pay the employee’s legal fees as well.

How mediation can help you

Mediation offers a number of distinct advantages to all parties in a dispute. Mediation is:

  • Confidential . Any information you share with mediators will not be discussed outside of mediation.
  • Impartial . Our team of qualified and experienced mediators will support you through each step of the process, and will not judge you, or take sides.
  • Empowering . Mediation gives you the chance to resolve the dispute yourself. With the help of our mediators, you can reach a solution which you are satisfied with.
  • Voluntary . For mediation to work, both parties must want to resolve the dispute. No side will be forced to take part, and both sides are free to leave at any time during the process.

Our fees

Our ethos for our fee structure is to maintain the lowest fees to meet and support local needs whilst delivering a quality and professional service.  As a university our primary focus is education and the work undertaken by the Mediation Clinic helps achieve that aim.

Employment Mediation (e.g. negotiating severance payments) £445 + VAT participant for 4 hours Each additional hour is is charged at £100 +VAT per party
Workplace Mediation (to resolve issues within the workplace) £100 + VAT per participant per hour Each additional hour is is charged at £100 +VAT per party

This is in line with the Civil Mediation Council’s Fixed Fee Mediation Scheme.

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