Family Mediation

Family Mediation

Are you having difficulties with a spouse, ex-partner or other family member? Are you going through a separation or divorce? Do you need a MIAM?

Benefits of Family Mediation

Mediation can be beneficial for sorting out the financial aspects of conflict or separation in a friendly, non-judgemental environment and for identifying options for on-going childcare, amongst other matters.

Time is set aside with qualified and experienced family mediators, over a number of short sessions for these ‘tricky’ discussions, which are often the first steps to begin working towards a solution. Final decisions are summarised into a document which then Solicitors can make legally binding.

It is often cheaper and quicker to resolve these issues using mediation as an alternate to court proceedings.

Separating couples who are applying for a divorce are required to attend an initial, individual meeting, which can be of two forms: mediation intake, where mediation is likely to follow; or a Statutory MIAM, needed to submit a court application. During these initial meetings the mediation process is fully explained and the situation assessed formally for mediation.

Our team of family mediators are all highly qualified, and are experienced at providing impartial guidance and support to help resolve disputes in a mutually agreeable way.

Our fees

Our ethos for our fee structure is to maintain the lowest fees to meet and support local needs whilst delivering a quality and professional service.  As a university our primary focus is education and the work undertaken by the Mediation Clinic helps achieve that aim.

  • Fees per participant £80 + VAT per hour.
  • Final documents, where relevant, are charged at £100 + VAT per copy.

A single MIAM may be offered to the participant wishing to make an application to the court should the other participant decline to attend. Mediation is now being encouraged as an alternate way to resolve differences within the family legal system so it is preferable that both participants at least explore it as an option.

  • Single MIAM fee: £100 + VAT.

If you are on low income, please call, as we may be able to offer you a fee exemption.

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