Victoria Hart

Victoria Hart

Politics and Governance graduate

During my second year of university, one of my lecturers put my name forward to become a student ambassador. What started as a paid role on open days soon became more regular and I was offered the position of School and College Liaison Officer as my first graduate job the day after sitting my final exams. My degree in Politics and Governance helped me no end in preparing for this role as it involved a lot of public speaking which was one of the key skills I developed from my modules, in addition to ample confidence and the ability to be thoroughly organised. A connection I made through the Making Politics Matter society, which I was co-chair of during my degree, then encouraged me to apply for a recruitment and admissions position at London Business School which turned into an exciting role where I found myself working between London and Dubai. I now work as the Admissions and Recruitment Manager at the University of Kent and couldn't be happier with how my career is progressing.

I did have the opportunity to work as a researcher in parliament when I graduated too, as I had made some great connections from helping the Conservative party during the General Election (also another connection made through MPM), but I soon realised that whilst I loved learning about politics, the idea of working in the area was not one I was suited to and found myself wanting to inspire others to go to university instead. At the moment I am also studying for an MA in International Security and the Politics of Terror alongside my full time job as this is an area I find fascinating – my undergraduate degree really has set in motion a need to always be learning about the world around us.


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