Engineer your future

Engineering is heading in a new direction and it needs creative thinkers and innovators like you.

From fashion and food to construction and medicine, engineering is in everything. Whether you like designing, making, testing or deconstructing things, an engineering career will stimulate and excite you.

Be part of this fast-growing industry and follow a world of opportunities by choosing one of the engineering courses at Christ Church.

Did you know? The UK will require 1.8 million new engineers by 2025 

Telegraph 2017

Find the right engineering career for you

As an engineer, you can bring your ideas to life and help work on some of the World’s biggest challenges.

From developing cutting edge medical scanners and lifesaving drugs to finding sustainable solutions to energy supply issues and designing technology to improve chocolate production lines, there is an engineering career for you. Read more about  real engineering careers.

Your route into engineering

You can open the door to your engineering career at Christ Church. We offer engineering degrees for creative thinkers and innovators with different experience and abilities, so you can pursue your passions through engineering.

Whether you’re planning to leave school or are looking for a new career, you can find a route into engineering at Christ Church.

Did you know? 96% of teachers would recommend a career in engineering to their pupils

Engineering UK 2017



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