Louise Stockley

Louise Stockley undertook a 10-week collaborative project between the CCCU Tourism and Events Research Hub and Kent Wildlife Trust.

Academic lead: Dr Karen Thomas, Director, Tourism and Events Research Hub.

This 10-week internship was a collaborative project between the Tourism and Events Research Hub (CCCU) and Kent Wildlife Trust at Tyland Barn, Maidstone. The project was designed to inform the Kent Wildlife Trust in their work to develop an interpretation strategy, which would communicate their ‘Living Landscape’ philosophy/key conservation messages and meet the needs of the contemporary visitor.  This project provided the intern with a varied experience and the opportunity to conduct a live research project with clear outcomes to support the development of interpretation techniques at the Tyland Barn visitor centre.

"The internship provided me with a range of opportunities to learn more about how to work with an organisation on a specific project.  It allowed me to build upon my studies in Events Management and apply my knowledge to a real life research project.  The challenge of going from a student to a colleague was a real learning curve and a great way to transition to my first job as a graduate. The guidance provided by my lecturer and the team at Kent Wildlife Trust helped me to grow in confidence and work more independently as the project progressed.  Overall this internship gave me the opportunity to learn new skills and pushed me to become a more independent and confident person.  I would do this internship again and would really encourage anyone else to take up such an opportunity.  It provided me with so much more than I could have expected.“

Louise Stockley Research Intern

"This project has enabled Kent Wildlife Trust to move our future interpretation strategy to the next stage. Working alongside CCCU helped us sharpen our thinking on the project outcomes. Enabling the Trust to draw upon the expertise and experience at the University, especially the time that Louise could bring researching case studies and best practice whilst implementing the primary research, added huge value to the overall project”. 

Joe Gluck Business Manager, Tyland Barn, Kent Wildlife Trust

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