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Dr Chris Blunkell

Lecturer Work Based Learning

School: Christ Church Business School

Campus: To be Decided

Tel: 01227 923936

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I am a Lecturer in Work Based Learning at Christ Church Business School. I graduated from the Middlesex Polytechnic Literature & Philosophy degree programme in 1987, after which I completed my MA in Work Based Studies at the same institution. In 2014 I completed my Professional Doctorate in Researching Work at the Working Lives Research Institute at London Metropolitan University.

My doctoral work employed sociological approaches to better understanding how people seek to influence coastal planning exercises that determine whether or not their homes will be defended from rising seas. My introduction to the field came through my own experience of leading a campaign that sought change a policy proposed for where I lived. Between 2010 and 2013 I worked as a researcher on an EU FP7 project ‘Solutions for Environmental Contrasts in Coastal Areas’ (SECOA), devoted to the development of analyses of environmental conflicts in coastal areas, future scenarios, and policy responses to these. I am published on the social justice implications of coastal change, in which I retain a research interest, and have provided specialist commentary for national print and broadcast media.

Besides academic pursuits I have worked extensively as a specialist consultant in communications within government and academia – with a particular interest in secondary, tertiary and management education. Since 2012 I have combined this with working as a professional painter, exhibiting in the UK and United States and selling to collectors all over the world.

Publications and research outputs

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Blunkell, C., Evans, G., Foord, J., Walters, G., Williams, A. and Witting, A. 2013. UK Case Studies: Conflicts in the Portsmouth and Thames Gateway Coastal Regions. In Khan, A., Quynh, L.X., Canters, F. and Crijn, E. (Eds.) 2013. SECOA FP7 Research Project Vol. 4. Environmental Contrasts in Coastal Urban Areas: Towards a Strategic Assessment Framework for Sustainable Development. Sapienza: Sapienza Universita Editrice. Chapter 5.

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Blunkell, C.T. 2017 Local participation in coastal adaptation decisions in the UK: between promise and reality. Local Environment, 22:4, pp. 492-507, DOI: 10.1080/13549839.2016.1233525


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