SUSTAIN Research Group

SUSTAIN is an interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange group interested in the interface of sustainability and business. 

Our cross-discipline work includes sustainable investment, accounting for sustainability in profit and non-for-profit organisations, sustainability within universities, social marketing for sustainability and the role of human resources and stakeholder engagement in the sustainability of firms.

The group is based in the Christ Church Business School, however, because of its interdisciplinary nature attracts members from outside the School, Faculty and the University.

Our objectives

  1. To research problems of ‘managing sustainability’ using an interdisciplinary perspective that develops our conceptual and empirical understandings and helps contemporary organisations address the real world issues of balancing sustainability with other strategic objectives.
  2. To ensure our sustainability research is diffused to the academic, practitioner and government communities to maximise its impact on University reputation and organisational practice
  3. To contribute to the research and knowledge exchange culture within the Business School, the University and wider community.
  4. To influence policy and generate new debate through our research outputs and by engaging with diverse internal and external stakeholders/audiences to help change business practices.
  5. To use our expertise and outstanding research and knowledge exchange activities to help embed sustainability into the learning and teaching strategy in order to enrich student experience.


We engage and collaborate with organisations to identify ways to enhance their sustainability. For example, one of our on-going group activities involves a research project that looks at the underlying motivations for UK university sustainability agenda. We are also proud of our strong connections with the CIPD Kent Branch, which have led to various collaborative knowledge exchange events being organised that have benefited both the staff and students in the Christ Church Business School and external HR practitioners. We are also in the process of embarking on a project to study the links between Human Resources Management and sustainability within business organisations.

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For more information, please see SUSTAIN research and knowledge exchange group publications. If you would be interested in collaborating with us please contact Dr Seyi Adesina.

Staff list

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