Public and Third Sector Research Group

The Public and Third Sector research and knowledge exchange (R&KE) group consists of research and teaching staff from Christ Church Business School, as well as postgraduate and associate members from our professional practice team of lecturers. In addition, we have various external collaborators from universities and institutions throughout Europe, working on specific research projects.


We are committed to a programme of collaboration with public and third sector stakeholders. Our engagement activities include working with the European Union, government agencies, social enterprises, and the UK public services (Policing, Health & Education).

As part of our group activities, we have a number of on-going international, regional and national projects. For example, some members of our group are working on a Euro 4.5 million FP7 European consortium project on the future of eMaritime, EU ports policy and governance.

Under the public and third sector leadership research stream,   we currently have 3 PhD projects researching leadership and governance issues within UK policing, social enterprises and community groups. In addition, we are engaged in collaborative research projects with leading public service professionals in the areas of Policing, Health and multi-agency working. We also have funded social enterprise education research projects (e.g. with Enterprise Educators UK) and are in the process of bidding for a number of other interesting third sector projects in 2014-15. 

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For further information, please see our Public and Third Sector R&KE Group Publications.

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Mr Chris Goodman    
Ms Stephanie Karpetas    
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