IDEAS Research Group

The Innovative Development in Economics, Accounting and Statistics (IDEAS) research group consists of academics and former practitioners in representing a broad church of different disciplines engaged in research and knowledge exchange (KE) in the areas of business, accounting, economics, statistics and finance.

The mandate of the IDEAS research group is to provide expertise and high quality output to internal and external stakeholders in the university and wider society.

Our objectives

The purpose of the IDEAS research group is:

  • To contribute to the research and KE culture within the Business School, the University and wider community.
  • To be proactive in supporting and identifying research areas in the disciplines of Business, Economics, Statistics, Accounting and Finance in which the Group may develop capacity to collaborate with other research groups, departments and institutions.
  • To provide an authoritative voice when presenting views and findings generated by research and KE activities to our internal and external stakeholders.
  • To integrate our excellence in research and knowledge exchange activities into the learning and teaching strategy as the mechanism of enhancing the student experience.


We have very strong links with the City of London with established relationships with DIAM International, the Post Office Pension Fund Ltd, Espirito Santo Investment Bank, MSCI, Capital Financial Markets, RepRisk, Network for Sustainable Financial Markets, SI Partners and CSSP.

The group embarks on a number of research and knowledge exchange activities with these institutions and frequently organises seminar workshops and practitioner led conferences to bring the Business School and Industry closer together.


Members of the IDEAS group have made significant contributions to research in empirical modelling of financial markets, financial management, macroeconomics, econometrics, accounting and business management. Our current research interests include:

  • Financial market contagion, feedback trading, foreign exchange and money markets.
  • The interaction between financial markets and the real economy.
  • Fiscal austerity and stimulus and the recent economic crisis.
  • Time varying regression modelling and Bayesian Theory.
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Governance and social economic trends.
  • Topical themes in financial management.
  • Sustainable investing.

To find out more about our research work and many publications, please browse our individual staff profiles, found on the right hand side of the page.


One of the key objectives of the IDEAS research group is to enhance the student experience by drawing on our research and using it to enhance the quality of our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. Our expertise is extremely broad-ranging and includes financial accounting, taxation, corporate finance, securities, and financial markets and institutions.

Staff list

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