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Christ Church Business School has a vibrant and growing community of doctoral students, whose research tackles a range of cutting-edge problems in areas that reflect our research themes.

Completing a research degree is an exciting experience and a challenge that requires support and a stimulating environment. Our experienced supervisors will provide you with individual support and encouragement, while our research community will make you feel part of a vibrant network of nationally and internationally recognised researchers.

You will also be part of a large and diverse community of research students across the University. The CCCU Graduate College offers an excellent research skills development programme, and organizes regular conferences for our doctoral students. You will also have the opportunity to develop the employability skills expected of a doctoral graduate. 

Our research areas

We welcome enquiries from students and researchers keen to pursue an MPhil/PhD in research in the areas of organisation and management; accounting, economics and finance; and advertising and marketing.  Please take the time to read through our staff profiles to get a sense of our areas of expertise. It is highly advisable to contact the relevant member of staff before completing an application (see How to Apply). 

Currently, we are particularly welcoming enquires from those who are interested in the following areas:

  • Financial market contagion, market interdependences and asset pricing.
  • Technical analysis, market anomalies and trading strategies.
  • Fiscal and monetary policy; empirical and theoretical outcomes of government economic policy, and other applied economic areas.
  • Financial econometrics and Bayesian econometrics.
  • Sustainability reporting, Corporate Social Responsibility, corporate governance and public sector accounting.
  • Small and Medium Enterprises management and financing, working capital management, corporate governance and other related areas.

However, there is expertise in other areas of business for which potential students should refer to the research pages of the Business School website. 

How to apply

Before making a formal application for full-time or part-time study, please take the time to read through our research pages and in particular, staff profiles to find a member of staff whose research interests are most closely aligned to your area of interest. It is strongly advised that you discuss and refine your research proposal with a potential supervisor. Once this is done, please see the Graduate School webpages for the application process. 

    Please note: producing a research proposal does not guarantee you an offer of a place. 

    In addition, we like to see a short personal statement of why you wish to pursue an MPhil/PhD. Full-time scholarship(s) are normally offered every year and for details please consult the Graduate College web pages for deadlines, scholarship application forms and how to apply.

    Please note: we discourage purely speculative applications or practitioner and consultancy focused applications for MPhil/PhD.

    Normally, we require students to have a Master’s degree in a related discipline. In exceptional cases, we will consider 1st class honors students, or those who can demonstrate significant research experience.

    Apply Direct / Part-time study

    Location Length Start  
    MPhil/PhD Business & Management apply
    Canterbury 42 months full-time September 2020
    MPhil/PhD Business & Management apply
    Canterbury 42 months full-time February 2021

    Find out more

    Finally, once you have completed your research summary and personal statement, please contact Dr Alexander Kent who will guide you through the formal application process.


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