Working with our partner schools, we offer a range of events to raise aspirations to those students who might not traditionally progress to university. We know that by introducing the benefits of higher education earlier in the education, young people are more likely to have the confidence and resilience to succeed at university. We also know that offering sustained engagement further increases the likelihood of progression to higher education. We therefore encourage our partner schools to make the most of our activities for students in key stages three and four.


Introduction to university

This talk introduces university to students with little knowledge or experience of higher education. Topics cover how university differs from school, courses available and student life. Suitable for all year groups, parents, and carers, to be delivered at the school site, 30 minutes in duration with no restriction on numbers attending.

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Student finance

Unpacking tuition fees and the student loan system as well as detailing additional financial support available to students at university. Suitable for year 10 and 11 plus parents and carers, to be delivered at the school site, 45 minutes in duration and with no restriction on numbers attending.

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Student life

How is a lecture different to a seminar? What is a dissertation? What is it like moving into halls? Suitable for year 10 and 11 plus parents and carers to be delivered at the school site, 30 minutes in duration and with no restriction on numbers attending.

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Taster Days

Sport Science

These popular sessions, led by academics, vary from field testing to lab testing. Participating schools can choose either field testing for a half-day Taster session or combine field and lab testing for a full day. Field testing allows for a maximum of 50 students, lab testing allows for 20 students due to health and safety restrictions. Suitable for all year groups.

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Engineering Taster Days

Engineering plays a crucial role in shaping the World’s future and it is an industry that needs creative thinkers and inspiring innovators. These events will take place in our new £65 million Verena Holmes building and sessions include:

  • Conceive Design, Implement and Operate exoskeleton hand.
  • Conceive Design, Implement and Operate pulley together.

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Introduction to university campus day 

This event aims to introduce university to younger year students. They will take part in a variety of activities explaining the types of courses offered, what a campus is comprised of as well as a study skills session to help them with their future studies. Held at either the Canterbury or Medway campus for year 7 or 8 students in groups of 60 or less.

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Care Leaver Taster Days

This taster day offers care experienced students the opportunity to visit our campus, engage with subject specific talks, and find out about the support we offer care experienced students at the university.

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More than One Direction

This popular activity is aimed at younger students in Year 7 and 8, who are given the task of creating a fictional character which they will take on a journey through school, further education, university, and the working world. Students will be given a description of their student, including their background and interests and they will develop a progression route from GCSE, through to further and higher education, using a range of literature and guidelines, eventually following their student through into a career of their choice. At the end of the session, students will present their character’s journey and explain decisions taken at various stages of their educational life.

Delivered at the school site or as part of a campus day for 30 students, 2 hours duration.

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Showcase events

Matinee performance

Every year the Music and Performing Arts departments collaborate to exhibit a fantastic matinee performance exclusively to students from our partner schools. This includes a Q&A with cast and crew. Details about the performance will be advertised closer to the date of delivery. Available to year 11 students only.

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