The research centres and groups listed on this page are all involved in various aspects of research for sustainable futures, and encompass social, economic and environmental themes, often with a strong focus on community and global citizenship.

Sustainability is at the heart of our University Strategic Framework 2015-2020 , is embedded in our values and mission statement, and is a cross-cutting theme in our plans for the future.


Inclusion, Equalities and Social Justice

Our interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange provides a critical and intellectual basis for individuals interested in interrogating their own personal and professional understandings of inclusion, equality, social justice and the lives of those in disconnected populations. 

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Energy and Governance Research Group (EGG)

The EGG explores issues relating to energy security and governance, and holds termly workshops together with the Brussels-based Global Governance Institute

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Ecology Research Group (ERG)

The Ecology Research Group (ERG) aims to deliver user-defined solutions via research and consultancy, and fundamental research using a variety of model systems.

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Geography Research Group (GRG)

Geography staff at Canterbury Christ Church University are actively engaged in research that encompasses the breadth of the subject and directly informs our teaching.

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The centre is part of an international network of practice developers who are members of the International Practice Development Collaborative (IPDC).

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Centre for Kent History and Heritage

The Centre for Kent History and Heritage (CKHH) showcases the regional work of the Historians and Archaeologists in the School of Humanities at Canterbury Christ Church University.

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Centre for Research On Communities and Cultures

The Centre for Research on Communities and Cultures brings together researchers from across the School of Media, Art & Design to develop and promote innovative research on communities and cultures.

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Our SUSTAIN research group explores the interface between sustainability and business.

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Research centre for children, families and communities

The centre, which has close links to the Faculties of Education and Health and Wellbeing, draws together academics from a range of different disciplines in order to undertake high-quality research of national and international significance.

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Ecopedagogy Group

Ecopedagogy is “an approach to education that has emerged from leftist educators in Central and South America … that seeks to re-educate “planetary citizens” to care for, respect and take action for all life.” 

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