Research Ethics Committee application forms

To comply with the procedures contained in the Research Governance Handbook, researchers must make an application to the appropriate Faculty Research Ethics Committee using the documents listed below.

Which ethics form do I complete? - Always start with the Ethics Review Checklist. If all your answers in section B are NO then complete the form following the instructions, a Faculty-specific form is not necessary. If you have answered YES to any of questions 1 - 12, do not complete this form, you will have to complete a Faculty -specific form. If you have answered YES to any of the questions 13 - 15, please follow the instructions on the checklist form.

Do not forget that all applications require a completed Risk Assessment.

Forms applicable to all faculties

Faculty-specific forms

Faculty Ethics Committee Meeting Dates

  • Faculty of Health & Wellbeing
  • Faculty of Education once per term
  • Faculty of Social & Applied Sciences (applications are dealt with upon receipt)


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